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  • 00:00: cause of the tragedy today, which are then likely role within which Gekas Caesarean operation which have to stick such a plan is that many national cuisine there geyskoy excursions on how to quickly and easily so start singer, we need 400 grams kids mince a piece of Bill Clinton was himself and pharmacies often do this pre partly soaked in milk are we once again, you can skip through the meat grinder skip even twice Pasha was a very fine shopping amendment add salt and pepper a monument Choi
  • 00:32: and knead very well purchase say that the composition may Pasha absolutely any of your choice and mood It can for example be seen generally diocese You can use roasted in general, the whole page completely bone that Pasha It was not simply a tying it did not fly targets in scope of the Ukrainian SSR If you can not get exhibitions add a little father and formed the roll we need conventional food film the beginning of the collapse of porsche half centimeter thick layer
  • 01:04: Paszek thicken your hands again compared and Tatiana from the prepared Fisheries layer could be formed his field is not according to the size of crab as the track rods to fold crab sticks mean edge extra clean page and the edge will go where the work sticks
  • 01:34: Ukraine can form a rectangle that after we wrapped sometimes years, we have crab sticks They are completely closed to five persistently arable land deal complete revolution amendment of work receive according to this We align our theme conic Right Left or not using film displace rolls
  • 02:05: buy steel rolls that give and I I will steamer right in the same film is conventional food film and it will not be anything it is not melted but it will not fall apart if you are against you play the role of this example which are designed for film baking of the package for baking or panic Meanwhile, I have already managed to generate Victor size and now are committed to that wrapping deal sharply sing edible film Khabarovsk freely until then, these
  • 02:36: hack skiff would paysites level yet with them the experience of a couple of words about the post this dish it may really like can not please God like a complete rejection of the things do not deny the affair plows guards preferences middle, not according to any league does not like Do you like it do not know much I hope that like but that I had to turn in roll film bonded edges the lighthouse profiles
  • 03:07: and here such here but as you have not movement We thicken aligned very good if you are at the end of the edge start up and send to the stumps unfolded during boiling and leave here so get your hands nice roll and leave such a simple We wrap curl go in a steamer will not hurt 20 30 then without removing the film to give them cool completely
  • 03:37: ashore fridge for 5 hours 6 I do fleeced on the market and only then you can remove the film and cut into rolls when a request to keep the shape of icons father arrested not be forgiven do not fall apart here are received static progress they I sometimes decorate it allegedly rifled dill to district does not falls off thefts resist I first promashek desirable policy solution This solution hay man who can Cook more of the fish is not if there is no culture can be
  • 04:08: cook on the water as a cook can not explain will have on the packaging, it is desirable cook according to instructions mat rolls rolled in a trench This fresh dill finely chopped Tatiana years Astana refrigerator for a long time it is desirable to sleep stock solution and then to breading was thicker field picture you can steer again fluff gelatin solution
  • 04:38: to grab all stuck question that we put on the roulette and the need and after possible after Apply one more reason to desired solution Now rolling rolls of this profile and limit those that ballet again marshals in the vast shifts in the net interest holders that Rosstat has a fridge but pour desirable solution froze connoisseurs
  • 05:12: get hardware rolls Now they are cut start with someone at the sharp depends from you can be cut in different ways and usually I keep but I pentagon Arno surface Runet by coincidence turns round and cut into pieces centimeter half Kolchin
  • 05:42: decay into a serving dish but this result is a beauty in particular, would be nothing to salt our analysis dress color can be far I want to create different on the surface Nasri those New Year this thin Tina heard to roll discreet hair that he Pristyuk drink to grow so I would have to fill in the low stages on Each stage of this is slightly watered surface raw Runet So I put it to the fridge
  • 06:13: This thin heard Tina gat once again put in the shed fridge a sort of half a percentage point to make three or four spilling If you want to this completely sealed which means it was under layer more then you must first score preferably in solution thickness Pimenov centimeter give him to completely freeze objects was recorded and then the salt roll completely so the fullness of stagnation five years for lunch which our meals and then the national years
  • 06:44: crab sticks ready not gone three auctions wish pleasant to drink and cook it is a very beautiful holiday dish which is just getting ready quickly conventional products thanks that was the most looked after from them all the fuel you