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  • 00:00: [music] hello everyone expensive with you sarin today I offer you cook very appetizing and elegant pancake cake from liver and vegetable stuffing start with cutting liver and department beef liver cut off excess veins are these white will pass through meat grinder the liver is scrolled
  • 00:32: add eggs pour in milk salt all is well mix and add flour and all once again good we shuffle in order that the mass homogeneous consistency I she poured it into the bowl blender now pouring in there a few spoons vegetable oil and everything is good blender the dough turned out such
  • 01:06: consistency I drink only 5 minutes the pickaxe fire really butter gently pour ladle dough distribute to side browned carefully turn over lay out on a plate stack on top of each other and in the same way we will bake everything hepatic pancakes so many cliff 10 pancakes let's cool the pancakes for now prepare the filling pour somebody vegetable oil and
  • 01:37: salvage onions and carrot club discount be sponsored add the grated carrots and continue fix a bit of salt again mix well and filling our completely cool cooled stuffing add them and minuses whether home how to prepare such a my means link to my thoughts leave in the description is all good mix
  • 02:07: begin to collect our way no longer to lay out the cake filling and neatly all distribute indicated above old pancake the same We lubricate when you will fight weight. [music] until the cake and
  • 02:38: frosted flour while the test is sprinkled dasha is decorated with To my tastes I I spread the leaves parsley that's all you remember to remove the cake fridge soak in several hours of our liver and cake
  • 03:11: certainly an incision try friends this for the view it is very tasty cola that will require vocals there is almost a couple of husky share it to everyone pleasant appetite with the upcoming new year from the river