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  • 00:00: for this dish we need carp I prepared for small carp its weight about 800 grams you started us carp need to be cleaned we clean scales with one from the other side then cut the fins leave only tail and these are anterior fins which are near the head other fins cut remove the gills
  • 00:30: preferably cooking this is a dish with a small carp sized since in we will biting carp deep-fried if you take big fish then you you need to have and relevant utensils for frying fillets in deep-fried here is a little in dwarf very comfortable can be fried in normal friday cut the abdomen delete the insides very neatly so that crush the gall bubble so that we
  • 01:00: the dish was not bitter then we fish washed inside such at us is obtained clean exchange cut off the head with fins cut off the tail and the remainder of the fish we split into
  • 01:31: fillet cut into fillets can be different ways it is more convenient for me to do it's like this moving along spine do incision deep incision up to ribs with one and
  • 02:01: the other side the spine when they reached the ribs the ribs are cut kitchen scissors and then we fillet with them fish but it will not be quite another ferio offer with the rib bones We will do the same with the other side
  • 02:31: that's the way it is time moving along spine we cut fillets the same thing we'll do and on the other hand the result of our
  • 03:02: two fillets with not removed by edges these edges we need cut is done this like that move along the edges and neatly cut the edges bones
  • 03:32: as a result, we it turns out 20 years without bones still cut off abdomen because there are there are seals all
  • 04:03: fastened strawberries two eagles are obtained leather well, head and tail we will also have fish used for we need a fillet slice here I hold a knife under sharp angle a little shooting neutralizes the angle it seems that I'm holding knife perpendicularly there is no surface
  • 04:33: under very sharp angle to the surface and cut very neatly to the skin but the skin does not need cut through like this about the same one and a half to two I cut the centimeter all fillets and then I cut it perpendicular direction here i I already hold the knife
  • 05:03: perpendicularly surface also cutting to the skin but the skin needs try not cut also by step about one and a half to two centimeter as a result, we it turns out like this
  • 05:33: fillet hold him for tail a little pobebil meat to have it with us swelled and I do not even know how that say we are falling in starch I do it beforehand because I keeps a little bit of shooting you do it straight directly before frying before as put the fish on a frying pan here such
  • 06:05: we have two fillets also in starch I have a strong-willed head and tail fish i used potato starch to fish, we in a large number of vegetable oil preferably fry deep-fried or minimum semi deep frying as I did then eat to all meat fish you have on is thrown into the oil and the oil must be
  • 06:35: is sufficient red-hot not invert frying until fish are ready she prepares very quickly probably minutes ten will be for all about everything is enough in the same way fry 2 fillets not then fry head and tail bring it to full readiness to fish fillets lay one skin down on it 2
  • 07:06: ether when the skin of the skin and meat up apply fried head tail and then us you will need all this pour and slump someone sauce options cooking sweet and sour sauce seas I show you just take the principle a couple of tablespoons tomato paste add here a tea spoon some water vinegar a little salt
  • 07:36: a little sugar about a teaspoonful Sahara that is, you need bring a taste of tomato paste I got it a little bit empty to pleasant and pictures without it should be pleasant sweet and sour and the need to make sure a little more liquid I then had to add water directly already in a frying pan when frying also we need
  • 08:06: garlic spicy pepper pepper and I deleted sunflower seeds to dish was not very sharp small number of vegetable oil and fry garlic and hot peppers literally a minute the second add ginger here I'm drained but you can take a fresh grated even better take fresh grated ginger laying out our tomato paste with vinegar salt and
  • 08:36: sugar is brought to boil kill me due to the fact that he was very thick originally to me had to add water at that moment it is better to do this in advance as soon as us pastas boiled add tomato here approximately a tablespoon soy sauce or taste and remove from heat and here these here
  • 09:06: sweet and sour sauce we are pouring fish in general, ideally, he should be less thick structure was visible fish decorate pieces of sharp peppers with tomatoes cherry Bon Appetit