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  • 00:00: hello everyone good today we will boil apple jam very tasty thick to which and incredibly delicious for jam to start prepare our Apples Apples absolutely must be solid varieties At me here such they now delete the core is like this is obtained and purified from peel then cut the apple in half and here such slices
  • 00:32: chopped apples send to the pelvis in which we will cook our own basin required it should be aluminum well here my good I cut apples are like this the mountain of apples I have It turned out now sprinkle everything with sugar gram I I will indicate necessarily in description and now neatly will try mix it and this is me put the basin on
  • 01:02: the fire is on the mage great fire will be to brew our jam necessarily on big fire in no way do not reduce the case occasionally we will stir now apples will give juice and will boil to the state of jam how many minutes is it I'll take you later write Well, here's a good jam avaraz and watch what it is already is obtained to form a foam this foam is compulsory need to shoot without it she will collect
  • 01:32: just a spoon we will collect it occasionally to appear already syrup becomes thick and continue talk look how good Jenil boasted us very thick good still cool and be sure to also thickens now to sterilize our jars us will need 700 gram jars of their it is necessary I rinse dry I will sterilize microwave ovens include
  • 02:02: We sterilize jars will be about 3 minutes also twisting covers send boiling water sterilize five minutes lid must be fully become covered with water our jam apple ready to see how rich it turned out like my friends smell very very tasty and just like we have already prepared Our jars on sterilized and
  • 02:33: begin to develop our bench press see what he is like thick it turned out still it will cool down even more and banks are compulsory wet wipe to wipe and so that when we closed the lid not adhered we get our sterilized crumbs and pretty begin to spin make sure that cover you well
  • 03:04: closed here is a jane from us it turns and continue to pour on the remaining jars Well, here are my good our jam is ready there is not so much it turned out 3 700 grams of jar 1 floor liter jar wish still possible to make the inscription i always I did so convenient to all thankful for attention you are ready only with good mood you must have everything thank you for your subscription likes and comments