167. How to accelerate viability of seeds of CARROTS, FENNEL, PARSLEY Is such vegetable cultures which long do not ascend. Carrots, parsley, fennel and other vegetable cultures concern to them. I will tell about a way which pomo...  See details »

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  • 00:00: Hello dear friends, I decided to withdraw here is a small Video on how to germinated seeds which for a long time Do not go up parsley and dill is I've tried the carrot different ways to germination for quickly to all go and this year held one such and then such a test and But today February 25 I soaked vodka 15 minutes of these seeds
  • 00:33: hard germinating seeds 15 minutes later I was this vodka about my seed and pot passenger I will watch and even I want a second conduct an experiment I also tested but I want to once again make the same most of the seeds but from the same packages but seeds course others of the same I soak for packages three days, that is, I I read that Now these seeds that is difficult
  • 01:04: rises needed soak them three I soak for days three days and then I will plant and only to look like from these two methods the more I like it and so I will Spring has seeds quietly soak because it's still there dill and carrots more somehow rises ok but I have a whole parsley the problem is very bad rises sow body package ascend there for two whole seed is very I'm so hard Now I spend a So I experiment I picked up a box
  • 01:37: box it divided into two part on the one hand where the stick has I planted the seeds which were vodka and with put you on the right side seed you now I soaked I'll keep three days in the water but I was so question still It can be two days enough but I will how to keep three laid hold on three days and then the same put you on the right side of you boxes and will see that this get seed interview
  • 02:07: or almost three days but incomplete that is, I like to start the first time soak seeds it was three o'clock in the afternoon and now I am at 9 am the there is a less than three days, but I see that good seeds are swollen Now that I have a carrot and some seeds were ie it can cover be two days enough but after comfortable cloth Pour this water all seeds will better than strainer and that's all today I'll put them
  • 02:37: the ground is what I I noticed during this time good seeds swelled but three days still because it is too much that some especially roots carrots that's the dill, and I saw had white cover that is in while they are planting but may break off Now I've watched two days later roots has not been that is very good soak it on two days instead of 3 so I this conclusion for itself doing now remains watch
  • 03:07: result through How many days will come Sprouts you prepared in a they seedling apologize but the seeds these cultures and have then we can draw conclusions it is convenient or It is so uncomfortable do or not worth it there will wait and a few days when I ascend I will continue this survey rented March 3 that is, after only three days after planting carrots and here carrot also climbed that is, in three days soaked in this
  • 03:37: way already climbed to right hand and left soaked vodka's not well yet particularly evident few appeared nude ie here and such druzhnenko debtors shoots the remaining dill and Parsley yet I do not have long shoots I rented 10 days after planting of seed finally He appeared with parsley right hand soaked in water but Parsley is always very it's a long time coming
  • 04:07: it rose 10 days it is very nice but soaked vodka he had just one a song that appeared As for the fennel Dill went very He quickly went after landing somewhere on the sixth day and it is very friendly soaked in water vodka behind but now they are more or less aligned but generally do not have that meaning soaked vodka in the water two two day and all it turns out normally and what I conclude that these seeds Quick ascended
  • 04:40: to avoid being killed weeds, it makes sense soaked two Now days I'm so and I will do with such seeds that very bad sprout ie soak two days after this will put well Well conclusions are It can be summed up I have to say goodbye to you I say goodbye and wish all the best