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Technology of cultivation of a cucumber with application of various methods.  See details »

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  • 00:00: Good day today We will see classic way cucumber planting which will applied all available today daily express improvement or if innovation with elders from forgotten to weight to dogs and grew Tasks are both on the road grow and bear weight and good
  • 00:34: the harvest is not applying special such labor Cost of the crop start with the fact that we planted bed drops tormented film on flower bed and I was advised to corn he says and corn it is necessary to save a dog Here retains moisture and when the corn
  • 01:05: will rise she would defend Tomorrow ready by ruling winds that will at that time already this time and will plantation itself fenced name say so watering disabled it will be called rocker corn will about two meters and then see continue to develop She does it all be protected from
  • 01:35: wind and will be It created a kind microclimate in this zone dog sees peak who come exactly appear It was also on the bed charming floor tape very thin film even the film the pile seen film here very well to with Vladi
  • 02:05: accumulates inside old film that is the moisture evaporates day associated with frying there microclimate under this film and humidity constantly except where this it should drip tape particularly hot battles I save his side that's how good it is visible to the diamonds
  • 02:35: are small Ceska holes 20 centimeters or so this hour it can dig that is, when it comes fruiting will performing flag using watered respectively boots will not be wasting time for higher education you weight that's how forces it has filed two
  • 03:05: approach education We wrote here sort of lay Dutch now I ask This bee walk dress female type pity and a very high and that before traveling and studying Only it gives triple effect
  • 03:37: ie triple favor first use Now we see here that tempered the moisture now under the film on depth somewhere about 30 to 40 centimeters higher temperature much more than without it it's 25-30 Hans respectively cucumber it seriously plant ugly India there is a hot climate run all feel comfortable with this Secret 2 benefits rather the third turns
  • 04:09: that skill cially Here in this zone where she touches the ground becomes very heat but about 90 degrees and review cpt with us and when Saga It passes through the layer he just passed and very large under the effect of this the film is preserved or rather on the progress geometry
  • 04:40: mathematical how correct head I know there is a development polzovat bacteria that is, the order in which they above, respectively, goes disposal you faithful nitrogen accumulating it the beds and the ground is loose keeps getting cut by the rains and when when rain falls even about a man hole profitable blocked she gets
  • 05:11: passes all He feels all the way to photo could in India feeling that he he seems grateful and then gives the crop This means cucumber It is built beds trellis placed over the trellis special mesh here
  • 05:41: such a cell at it here Cucumber is an archer its revocation is to rise what is done trellis you from as we for what you made of the rocker Corn that when will vitra cucumber leaves will They will not be carried out roll it and since it 2 fixed on it
  • 06:11: this is not strictly fixing on rather with This grid will it is a year to Somalia It will also move Again, metallic forces its on to leaves his steel after the fun merchant turn over and stands I get a long list It stands on the site that is he will force these one place garden too it plays yield and convenient Cleaning is very
  • 06:44: see wide assembly passages people will not walk interfere amazed increased several times here Last year we the yield was up to devastator hectare there overeat But the third row and again are we near and no help tools we
  • 07:17: therefore we created this most plants friendly a fool conditions growth and is thankfully gives to what Ahmed harvest Now we look how the landing
  • 07:47: father clamp was your shipment customers Well here it is visible that on a hot day like Now go well dark green missing camp Now I remade
  • 08:23: landing