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  • 00:00: [music] [music] hello my good today we Sanko We would like to show you very cool quick and easy tasty recipe homemade beams for Then I took 200 grams such a chip
  • 00:30: Coconut you take to taste as you as we want Milk should be a scientist that is, that we a dough It happened yet I take half of it in us somewhere 150 I picked up somewhere half a jar condensed milk and we got a Here is a test that has already can crush and now we again very good
  • 01:00: it mixed and begin to form bars and those ladies forming as you I want to want to take straight quite big I it will take less have we form here Such are the bars Try them exactly to do and beautiful to what were they will be the same the professional will seem well rounded
  • 01:31: it is this form and we place on what you You can remove in freezer that is, I have this board So I laid out parchment paper that it is not stuck but when exactly so do test if you can call I'll tell you what to do then we turned 10 here of course here Factory does well a pair of beautiful there
  • 02:01: Now our task is put in freezer and about half an hour they will not When we harden and they will be better dipping into our chocolate when Half an hour will be held about 20 minutes, we again, you will be contacted my life for ten before our Half an hour elapsed and melting the us chocolate Lego wrong or how I rather our chocolate at
  • 02:32: have crumbled completely and now taking and using two forks we do so here with chocolate dip all parties give a little bit like this drain so much many did not have shkolota and we put again We went to the chocolate bar
  • 03:04: By the way, you can set or refrigerator or or simply put on the table to him need several hours until chocolate completely hardening of the new such greenhorns to quickly I decided to try do so here fork and turns almost like the real thing
  • 03:36: Here is the almost looks as real bar bounty well, about something similar to currently it would be necessary Add to looking such as caramel then bit off the tank and if you are here Add to the batter more 200 grams whipped cream then all you can then freeze them in freezer
  • 04:07: and is as real banks ice cream totally chill and optimally here these beauties we have turned out like this, I you in section I cut the show Such are the homemade Bank we Sanko and you get this wish all the go on
  • 04:38: a reference to any videos on any of your judgment would we have almost all to Sanka ISU peaks and main courses and desserts and sweets on this for children do ah yes Sonya has a channel who He wants to move on I can credit the bottom I leave we did a lot of what We do yourself cook, etc.
  • 05:08: Now we wish you well once all the best before until the next meeting and you have a memory gene if they with mum and morphine subscribe to us Komi [music]