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  • 00:00: Good afternoon Today we prepare here such a sweets it's unbelievable crumbly biscuits it is called chestnuts done quickly out completely available ingredients and I hundred percent sure that the results are very please and surprise and so we It will need 120 grams butter 1 a glass of flour it is somewhere in 160 grams third of a teaspoon 3 tablespoons baking soda
  • 00:30: normal nine percentage of vinegar for chocolate Glaze 2 tablespoons Milk 2 tablespoons tablespoons sugar 1 tablespoon cocoa and 30 grams of butter oils and us need nuts and some waffles filling us first you need to mix the flour and oil cut oil on small squares and send flour Now here and so
  • 01:04: hand and rubs butter and flour pour slaked here soda and vinegar it intervenes in the dough The finished dough set for half an hour refrigerator and team stage of neglect it is not necessary because if you do it properly not cool, and then the baking you will not and balls cake that is very cookies by melting
  • 01:35: faster than the oven This is why we need sure it cool until the dough in the refrigerator can be do glaze for this mix all the ingredients which we took for It is the oil sugar cocoa and milk all stir and put a small fire as soon as the oil and sugar dissolve you can glaze off it is ready be sure to glaze
  • 02:05: Stir in the fire because while oil not dissolve the may begin that a burn We took out the dough the refrigerator is already cool enough pinch off small piece and form ball long to him so You do not need to avoid warmed up midway put the nut You can replace candied or chocolate or take Raisins can be left
  • 02:35: balls empty sliding back and in this way forming the rest cookies that's just such 14 balls I I received another additionally I put them in minutes 10-15 freezer camera because my hands are warm and dough a little softened while I formed the balloons I no baking I grease the parchment
  • 03:05: not made because adequacy test fat and cookies will not stick bake cookies should be preheated oven to 180 degrees somewhere 25-30 minutes Now we need Grate waffles waffles should be well chill refrigerator to when we them they rub on a grater low kolis and were fluffy and beautiful and rub on a coarse grater we obtain from the cookie
  • 03:35: oven and allowed to cool so that you can take your hands it does not baked it turns out cream possible but video is not all so good I can see it lighter It seems than it fact and now every ispechonny ball dip into the glaze and obkatyvali grated waffles Here is such a kashtanchik we it turns all the same Do the same and with steel balls
  • 04:05: here is my ready cookies I put it in refrigerator to frozen and glaze then show you which it is obtained within just unbelieveble Loose simply like sand to me this structure madly like thank you all for the attention but what we went to drink tea until till