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  • 00:00: Continuing the theme of hands tulip another wing arm you want give still gave you opachki tyulpanchik just with NER collection enlarged head more elegant and today another form will show it not to always done such Tulips have three Tulip I will and showed for that you turn fantasy I'm I draw what is line and you will paint everything like you like always in front of us Move the cover on rickety but remember that we wing arm to like this
  • 00:31: one went away on one rather seychas u nas there is very little distance call one on one 42 centimeter centimeters have Only here will go wing arm each other if under tyulpanchik like this Here's a good closed hand, now we right here is very much will it opens and go to such island you here just a little bit otherwise I am now three of you to convince Well, I want him here after he's would go each
  • 01:01: on the other that it's enough here Now here it is opened place means that see here on this point of the center who He's already right goes to [music] But our doctors
  • 01:32: that is, you can see how how many of us who Now the center will combined with each and the other is Center add up to center and cut exactly the same time Now you show Now we do not even more than one discarded see the center with
  • 02:07: combined center Now our ark and it turns out that we You see how little he comes one put on built here such long corners hanging down it very important for those who here that it is necessary to open here and so good I will show you now
  • 02:38: [music] pin up fabric Nitschke our the pattern We note remember here at our center the rear front of day we will is on the front part Front rear part that's part of the sleeve sleeve's center sleeves center what we should Now these points You see a match we will be a little Now that's the approach pridven line close the 2 testicles just as you'll prolong
  • 03:08: of any in any variant in which you and want to build a 10 centimeters in length and begin to see cut then I cut fireworks 5 centimeters add the
  • 03:38: 5 millimeters present our small park here and nothing here too 57 millimeters we are no longer necessary mark the apex the center one here and here us sleeves center here
  • 04:08: and we cut second polovinochku Of course we are now very forced look for something interesting do for yourself something varied because it hopes that the we buy something interesting we no hope at all and evil, I walked around Shopping is just unreal all that there It made some Clothing nothing about
  • 04:38: than just about anything I sign up such known brands I will not even call I wanted to buy ordinary shirt Whatever I walked on the world of Gelendzhik but this is not possible here see center It coincides with the center and this is our wing arm get chop your scent here little odor Now I will take away all Smetana clothe our lady back front you see
  • 05:10: coincides with the center center all left to sweep put on the male model show you here metal here and so our wing arm and looks we have it inside like this
  • 05:40: Now baste well all have the same check again that here so it is not necessary It was so difficult to turn out again and all Well, for purity
  • 06:14: experiment I a little will gather golovochku on hand assembly to better we sat on a mannequin and you will see our here this here tyulpanchik a little bit about the new form but I think that you like I render Well vono wing arm is but also the tulip look at the cost of we have the best a little here finding a friend other on top of a very he will be comfortable Movement here are little corners will create with movement see as will open very comfortable and Nor can forward
  • 06:44: close and back someone that close like how would I she will do the wing arm can be he is somewhere there in literature Well, how would I I think that for themselves it did not itself it will be pleasant if
  • 07:16: some of you too a wing arm do you showed 2 tulip sleeves finish topic tulips begin any other record sleeve little there slightly ahead you I see you I call to diversity of all what ways only possible Now we will diversify itself with assistance different sleeves if you I liked this video subscribe to our channel and learn about our updates all the best to you and field and only Irina M.
  • 07:47: hawks Alexey