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  • 00:00: hello and tuba present to you According to results repair or improve thermobonding this gun case we have model 40 watts it I do this, you We need to disassemble apparatus and take the brief Tom from heater
  • 00:33: works is you in this district filed off it as a result we It should get rovnenko tube which flows thermo-adhesive Next, we need insulating material hold up point it at us used film baking or
  • 01:06: hands for baking his adopted call for culinary cookies and wound it over the tube Next we get nichrome spiral resistance 2 kiloomah this case it It was taken from soldering capacity 40 Watts then you can buy this
  • 01:36: nichrome wire in electrical Engineering store or any other economically important sure that she knee that is it It has insulating layer which prevents withdraw between themselves to have You did not have a short circuit but in this case, protection has been applied
  • 02:08: capacity capacitor 1 microfarads which keeps voltage of 250 volts desirable to take up stresses that it held reliability many have brought it smaller capacity can you close or not to perform in the role of He performed the role of limiter
  • 02:38: power since spiral from a soldering iron although it is 40 watts but it is heated corpse will significantly above provisions the value that is there more than 200 degrees and we do not need it how can arrange all apparatus and even sheathe them so
  • 03:09: user capacitor capacitor should we to plug successively to the wire and connect it 220 volts got away all we have done apparatus that will working lifetime
  • 03:39: without crashing if done safely solder Niels unit cell all thanks to daughter