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The sucker falls off a windshield! How to attach TIGHTLY  See details »

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  • 00:00: [music] so hello everyone friends today have me Here is such useful article Today we will tell why fall off suckers from the front glass as you can see I have 4 different kinds of them there are many more Here is such a side rotated here lever but here itself suction cup rubber here too with a lever but she herself at the nipple silicone here suckers rubber and but they are without any and levers simply stick and keeps up early or late all of these
  • 00:30: suckers can with us fall off and not it's always the reasons manufacturer because how is it that we sometimes simply substitute the sucker Do not press written in the instruction I raise this lever and through she spent some time We are falling but today I want to tell you Another principle of work suckers due to which she holds and how so to speak perfect here is this fixation that she is farther away from us did not fall off very much it will be interesting
  • 01:00: be sure to look [music] and so the guys in the I want to start remind how works with us the sucker is like this sketched the quick here watch it with us as understandably glass it the sucker itself sorry for my artistic ability to is done when
  • 01:30: sucker with us pressed against the glass or some other surface it pushes the whole air, that is, like lowers the pressure here if you have a top this lever you attract sucker up us here generally are formed low pressure 0 and almost vacuo well, not quite the final he is far from varnish then there is more here everything is created low pressure and since we atmospheric pressure she becomes
  • 02:00: elevated she seeks to fill this pressure to align it with way she gives here to this our sucker and presses it to the surface of the glass itself I think in principle this it is clear that this is school physics course and so the guys go to our suckers as I spoke them now there is a very very big the quantity is here such are these ordinary suckers and do not see without any levers
  • 02:30: ordinary are two or three pieces I'm here saw the mount itself on 3 pieces then here mid here their just press and they keep small weights are used in mainly for radar or for some we small ones DVRs but they are the most ineffective because how they have this here rubber can break in ake bam and in general in the pressure they have there sufficiently low there you are just push it and she itself here on yes here
  • 03:01: these efforts well I do not know what it is there for keeps well in principle 2 3 things well, keep relatively good then we have here such here are silicone there are such here silicone is rubberized here such a surface see she's here practically perfectly even when we die sucker she here here here deepens and is created here low pressure she holds strong this sucker on
  • 03:32: glass is enough strong but how are we you figured out already from this here this my foxes. and this pressure at us should not discharged if it is with us discharged somewhere here it goes by sucker you will be fall off and accordingly this is the surface and this surface and this surface only there is this surface also glass surface she must be
  • 04:02: clean respectively there should be no raid no greasy no there sandy there and so further to that which will be provokes the descent her sucker I think it's understandable then there is this surface cleanse glass surface and accordingly you it's gonna be all right Hold but if it is you, too, does not help many wet sucker with water or saliva is just like
  • 04:32: thinking cool and sticks to glass and this enhances the effect suckers why because you see when you glue to dry all equally remain so small as it were canals yes with air bubbles which can sucker there they are deformed and they may miss if you give him slush here you create both would film such and here these here the canals they much more decreases, that is , these are the canals as if with air
  • 05:02: your water fills up saliva but saliva it is not very much so and I why because if this is essentially the water is in our heat respectively evaporates in winter she freezes respectively if you salted with saliva this sucker and then it stuck in winter minus ones you have the temperature falls off, that is it will be so fall off in the positive water temperature evaporates from high
  • 05:32: temperatures and also all business will fall off what to do replace water with composition that does not freeze and not many some alcohol formulations process but this wrong in the same place alcohol composition they we, too, are soaring and behold replace with usual with engine oil me engine oil I will not be right now canister show what do you need straight very, very take a little straight unscrew it straight
  • 06:02: this my cork cans with motor take butter here like this Here's a finger well, that is the finger turned like this now you see no more there is a minimum it must be like this here on the contour is simple smear this one you can see the oil here yes that is she it turns out oily here right here it is visible here here usually here the oil is obtained such a thought and not a pack and the properties are stuck
  • 06:32: they will have times more properties sticking a pancake here and well, that is, we press about and see see how clear is it cleave now I sticking next to her conventional silicone let's just do not smeared with nothing and Let's see so I hope you can see no not seen probably well, well
  • 07:03: let's lighting device I have here here it shines so see here bubbles at least that there is here if look directly at Let's get closer to the contour Is there something like that like this here, see if you look at there is a clear black band here there is little bubbles but they none at all influence on this sucker is not not produces so on look look silicone here you see on each side along the edge of the how many
  • 07:33: generally complete these are the Well, here it is the moment of connection very much much here these here air canals early or they are late from temperature will be deform this resource to since there is no there is no oily layer it you have a hundred pounds Faster than falling off than Here it was extracted only when you its own will tear off but often it happens that this not enough why because it happens nip in the suckers
  • 08:05: now I will draw I will show the mode of suckers it's not that bad strong, that is, here we have a lever here here this lever which creates with us this negative pressure and he let's just say there is idling he first some kind of but part of the bend Yes, you see, but you can not see probably so like this here's what that part of it he croaks here and only somewhere in the end
  • 08:35: he starts her press this sucker that principle not very much we need the right this one is a bachelor course but these are here This idle at remove this lever I have suckers more or less quality what is it what is it this is the way even more idle move look see idling and it is only at the end starts to press in the very end is what do we need to do we take the sucker well
  • 09:06: I will take this take the usual car camera we lean this sucker and then just outline somehow but here I am in pencil can handles describe here from so as not to waste time I already see here sketched further we take and cut this sucker from the camera this camera find and children can be in any car service I in stopped the tire and
  • 09:36: I say guys and so there is a porn camera games he is lying around their heap choosing any yakusoku drove up with scissors I cut myself a piece small worlds small here to you just that's the thing to show often such garbage was on phone holders in Here it is here sucker very strong extends downward and we need for it put here here from here this one Here we take the next layer in
  • 10:06: in the middle we cut out also for fastening it is banal here it here holes because you circle this one will not stuck here Here such it turns out we have such a handmade lifhak and then you just go this is the rubber band shove under
  • 10:36: under it fastening guys is works one hundred percent 100 times as much did a pancake permissible friends are busy burning Unfortunately right now for demonstration is not found a special misfortune was with for holders for phones they do sucks held it's terribly bad hold cut Here is a rubber insert here here so here it turns out
  • 11:07: we can see and we have a move this he has a cup much with us decreases and he becomes tougher sucker see which she how arches out what sector is it has friso on their own again take our we take a cork finger a few times on wiping edges oil butter already here a little bit is not enough like this Here it comes out Here is such
  • 11:37: thing and everything and further apply lobovye and glue look first of all that we have is obtained from us is more it is better to press and this is the sucker low pressure much stronger becomes here here inside also they where air is vented we will not have that is here here around the edges will not be because there is oily film and the possibilities of this
  • 12:07: suction much will increase well you see here here I'm like this here he is a flat canal you can go a little still pruning rubber middle more cut and here it is here is plastic she slightly fall through and this one here lateral border he will be a little stronger not 57 millimeters like me and more all the same will be but everything and so on. race and pressed it keeps very much and very much so let 's take this away sucker
  • 12:37: what does he want to say children see if u distance between you this plastic part of the rubber band or silicone part small then here several millimeters this one here is our rubber the gasket is not always there is a meaning of inserts why because it can be a lever already very much strongly stretched then there is already it the maximum for maximal faces if you insert here yet eraser then he can break and if you have the distance is here
  • 13:07: great that's like mine about half a centimeter it happens per centimeter even down it is omitted here it is just for fastening phones Here it is here gum it's just it is really necessary improves these here properties are this bottom here and so omit once and all but if you have the guys are all in tightness be careful can break here this lever you can you feel down he omits it Is it a fracture here ? do it carefully it's not worth it see how it keeps
  • 13:37: she will keep very strong guys works one hundred only two percent here is lifhak this oil and that's it. we cut out this Here is a round of cameras and everything does not hold well it is necessary to collective farm There are no magnets there and so on there simple now I saw very many suckers of these break there do magnets are of course more effective, but this pancake farm and here Here, and see by color all illumination practically equally that is nowhere is nothing the emphasis is made fast enough for
  • 14:08: this all the guys all while here such here lifhak if liked subscribe to our channel put like there will be many more interesting videos all guys all bye [music] [music]