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How to twist the pinched and zavaltsovanny screws - YouTube  See details »

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  • 00:00: and you are welcome to you for Channel 7 in this Video I will answer on a patient so sick mnozhko the question of how to unscrew screws screws which has already been seamed and if not know what this is not in the faces of the a screwdriver clings here normal screw fine unscrewed fine spinning and now I'll show you how
  • 00:31: all we have treated us It needs flux a good example active and we need will dig to get out where the hole left screwdriver To do this, we still need turned away with a screwdriver He said screwdriver too you need us need today soldering iron soldering iron in I heated some 350 degrees after all soldering
  • 01:03: It warms you wastelands we need here in this where the hole It rolled on insert soldering iron molten tin look like this done Here we can see that tin is normal to village let us Now while we excuse me cool insert a screwdriver we as a screwdriver
  • 01:36: pasted look at us that happened We got here such uzorchik It obtained under screwdriver hour due to this we curl pattern that the screw Please here it is second we We get the same most procedures repeat once that's all
  • 02:13: poplavilas insert a screwdriver It is sometimes not have time here what now and so boring that can be seen we have pattern turned out and now as you can see we have perhaps otvertochka perhaps all twists but I think everyone is now
  • 02:46: clear is the question how we we will next time to unscrew the screw that we do not unscrew another this way of treacherous this if you body the phone itself is not miserably ASSUME heated and body go and scrap this from APOEL go plastic housing swimmer and then screws unscrewed any this subject
  • 03:16: like pliers or nippers this one most such the best option I showed use and until saw that someone else use the unscrewed screws just Eject instead they thread the similar to a the whole fight would only body held and He shattered you were
  • 03:46: Channel for as seen over the long