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  • 00:00: [music] Good day dear Gardeners I'm with you all Tatiana welcome to your channel fruitful garden today I want to introduce you to very unusual cultivation method radish that allows you to It expresses much earlier than in cultivation standard way you before today's video I want to introduce you with an online store
  • 00:30: Hince that you You find a assortment of goods for the garden I take a look infomercial this online store and also I want to say that link to the site you will find in the store description of today's video beer lids are to mask sewage and water manhole Location on country house however, they perform a protective and decorative function hatch cover may look like fairy story miniature wind mill or imitation
  • 01:00: natural stone boulder such products practically indistinguishable from natural stones combined with the natural environment create on the site natural and harmonious appearance view all models decorative covers hitsad possible on site link will the description of the video More than 70 models formed in various styles sure you like you call admiring glances neighbors when they see such beauty in your garden the meaning of this method thing is
  • 01:31: radish seeds brut not sown dry seed as generally accepted as previously germinated Sprouts also I use any container and moist toilet paper some false layers and we plant mole here already finished a small seedling it accelerates maturing radish to two weeks because that in the cold ground germination is slow enough and there is already obtained
  • 02:01: ready tenements if you are afraid damage during landing back then there Now wait for this size seedlings and just when just will sprout seeds here on this stage is seeded also significantly accelerate the maturation and reception root crops is also say no have to wait seed germination long that is, that's the seeds were soaked the day before yesterday and now
  • 02:31: look at how comfortable temperature 25-28 degrees quickly and sprouted all together seed ie somewhere already visible cotyledonary leaves somewhere only just begin break the eggshell seed but can easily be their remove the paper they Now just lie on and that's in the paper such as sow compulsory in moist soil that is dry land should not be when you seeded sprouted seed This applies to all crops including
  • 03:01: and the crisis in the seeding this state accelerates ripening root crops around 7 10 days ie I I would recommend this great proven method radish cultivation with assistance prior for germination obtaining early product radish of course better select early maturing varieties that resistant to color Tackle those who really suitable for Closed soil is usually written on
  • 03:32: packages today sow's this way radish varieties Saxon he early-maturing for both Well, that's so for open ground for this way I I am taking here today such a small container and also toilet paper I fold it in multiple layers to optimally layers was 8 of 10 and I stacked on the bottom
  • 04:03: container moisten with water without additives on such the principle that when pressing a finger Water seeped but water is not to stand in order not to rotten seeds and then simply surface scatter evenly seeds and can even zabuschen this do nothing wrong with that that is necessary
  • 04:34: a number of distribute evenly over surface paper moisture will be sufficient to to seeds already 24 hours began practically ie sprouts Radish is very rapidly germinating Culture and here at room temperature germinate very quickly but if we temperature germination raise 25-28 degrees is believe you are
  • 05:04: shoots you get just have to second or third day closed just cover and remove in warm place with 28 at 25 degrees is very convenient way which accelerates radish maturation and ripening It goes to 10-12 days earlier than when sowing conventional standard way is the way very suitable for Truckers output day meaning you
  • 05:34: advance 3-4 day germinate and seeds in any opportunity for you and container already weekends you vozite to have your a finished portion mini seedling like you see container can be compact and during transportation seedlings not injured therefore, the method really comfortable, and I think that he useful to you I hope you enjoyed my current video if you like it
  • 06:04: Like and put subscribe to my expressions channel garden with fruit you all over the body all good good mood rich crops and all bye bye [music]