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  • 00:00: Hello everyone you know that even on normal first glance, the place can live animals with very exotic views we sure that many photographers these strange creatures godsend if you accidentally We ran in Internet per It is likely would think that This photoshop but not there even if it was their We never saw them really exist so in this video we We tell you about 8 unusual animals on the existence which you may not even guessed go [music] you
  • 00:43: [music] Pinocchio frog this representative cold-blooded able to detect by chance she somehow inexplicably I was in the camp in rice bags Although this species was found in New Guinea in 2008 the first data on this findings were released only In 2010 its new
  • 01:13: name of this long-nosed tree-frog I received for the extended long nose that nose reminds all It is known to book Pinocchio as a hero it turned out it's not simply on growth and well functional or rather emotional It was at the organ mounds were night found amazing abilities as the nose rises frog to anyone touch and when she feels when the danger Frog less active and feels calmly and safety nose relaxing and snub nose drops
  • 01:43: monkey Burmese snub-nosed monkey or snub-nosed monkey Strucker views colobinae which scientists We found in Burma 2010 this animal It was found by a group of researchers under the leadership scientist John Stryker after which was named new species known that was found only one population German Kurnosov monkeys all around three hundred individuals apart distinctive black color with white-faced main feature this monkey is an
  • 02:13: misshapen raised nose According to local hunters during Rain loud monkey sneezes as water gets her nose so often in rain time it can be seen and sitting empty his head between his knees Burmese monkey It is on the verge extinction due so that local residents use poor food she It is for them any cultural values in contrast to the we eared like octopus it turned out to sea not inhabit the depths just awful and scary monsters we quite lovely and
  • 02:43: unusual creation such as the long-eared octopus discovered by scientists most recently at the bottom Gulf of Mexico rare specimen was so nice that scientists We gave him the name of the dam at He has two rather unusual process color near the eyes that very much recalls legs and head too wielded them as strawberry these deep-sea sea ​​creatures They have very fast food absorption method instead of how to break the prey others do dam octopus swallows his prey whole, this a rare and surprising
  • 03:14: of the minutes it was discovered April 26, 2014 year during expedition took place on board submarine okeanos explorer white bat nursery operations on stereotypes is animal must you inspire fear but This small white horror flying on wings very night not like Bloodthirsty vampire see these creatures really bat they differ from others representatives their species, they do not They live in caves and suck blood to the same as you see them softly We tender this kind
  • 03:44: found only in some countries central America if you are very, very you are lucky you will be able to see it in Nicaragua and Costa Rica and of course Also in addition to Honduras the fact that this kind of very rare size special emergency the length of the small largest ever Mouse not found exceed five centimeters have Information that these animals are under endangered we hope that It will be done possible that this unique species could He did not survive in Iraq this cancer on video aware of the rainbow
  • 04:15: more on wedding recently German researchers made a statement that one of the most beautiful in the world freshwater is a cancer has extraordinary neon color the birthplace of his shell this small, crustacean province Western hit the Indonesia's brightest individuals is certainly males who have length of 3 to 4 inches Females of this species appeared in more modest they are a little smaller and color them more not so discreet attractive bright cancer carapace more like a intergalactic 1000 twinkling sky
  • 04:45: stars or tropical sunset on the background dazzling blue sky that is interesting market aquarists about this kind of know and many of them sell For more than a decade Worldwide would you like to have Statement of the grasshopper with pink eyes you greeted someday insects with an unusual eye color if there is no attention to the screen this Grasshopper with pink eyes that resemble bean lives in mountains melee range on the Pacific hill itself grasshopper
  • 05:15: bright green color and looking at it seems that his eyes It shines a rare insect was opened during scientific expedition on second by size planet island New Guinea earlier about nobody heard it so finding certainly made seems to scientists Chinese trionix slow saying like a turtle running not always Chinese trionix if scare him flee in the shelter with the a rate that does not every adult man is capable of it catch up with it a little custom turtle she
  • 05:45: different from those we used to usually see her soft shell he deprived horny scutes shell and covered skin trionix rounded edge soft with age, he changes shape with round to elongated by this Specifications can be determine the age animal top the visible part of the shell green or gray green brown to be masked at the bottom if you choose make such turtle as pet be careful go and I am very long if you Keep the turtle for shell it can
  • 06:15: pull the neck and bite so little It does not seem or peak this dearest animal call or peak the same name is the area in China hails from turned discoverer the animal or peak introduced into mountainous terrain and Tien Shan eat grass growing at high and it is found in the mountains Nature rarely saved like simultaneously on rabbit and squirrel toy bear represent in For 20 years, no one and libekku not able to find to photograph this is why
  • 06:45: people call magic rabbit we hope that population of charming species rise and quite Soon the mountains Tien Shan is many jump these furry animals and on this today and do not forget subscribe my workshop your mood