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Cottage cheese damp Easter cake - very simple recipe of an Easter cake! :)  See details »

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  • 00:00: hello everyone I will be vlad today curd cake I was 0 looking for a recipe such a rich important cake and here I am he found it simply I used to cook they are obtained such air more like bread probably therefore when i found this recipe I was very I am glad that you have I will get so let's get started from ingredients to us need flour milk, vegetable lubricating oil forms raisin raisins without ossicles, of course sugar
  • 00:31: butter cottage cheese cottage cheese does not matter what fat content eggs 1 orange for colors for aroma Vanilla sugar and yeast by quantity I will indicate the ingredients under the video first thing is necessary to make a spit I mixed 1 4 cups a little milk dilute boiling water to make milk it was warm added two tablespoons flour pinch salt 1 a teaspoon of sugar and 8 grams of dry yeast
  • 01:01: all carefully mixed now need a spoon cover and put away somewhere on half an hour in a warm place well i like often put near battery or near plates or for example can be put in microwave head microwave oven is not include in this The moment we need the oar increased somewhere in two times three times pour well eggs add melted butter next we add a floor
  • 01:32: a glass of sugar I'm adding sugar always more though in recipe a little slightly less specified but i love sweet very cakes add cottage cheese add the zest one small oranges and zest always I add because scenes are obtained by medical still very very fragrant if it's well done carefully whisk
  • 02:02: also I added Vanilla sugar and all carefully railings view and it turned out fairly homogeneous consistency and raisins and I added flour and we need raisins well beech roll as you can see a pair of we increased in two times now we need our spit mixed with curd cheese mass and add flour knead the dough
  • 02:32: flour I advise you not immediately add gradual for emptied half flour now you need to all this carefully mix well until homogeneous consistency then pour in a little the rest of the flour the most recent we add raisins and ok now it is necessary to knead I kneaded the dough But it turned out give me a cool one attention here you see she is a little bit sticks to the table but at the same time it unstuck at the hands of the is it such fairly average
  • 03:02: consistency of a form for baking I smeared vegetable oil and now necessary to pack our dough for forms somewhere half mold and let him rise I will decompose formochka as you can see the test takes somewhere half mold a and now we need and remove by one and a half two hours dough rise in the warm place but I advise you include for example the oven at a slow fire and put on on the plate and yes it will be is obtained from below
  • 03:32: heat and our dough will be faster rises from above cover something some shadow fell our dough has risen Now we put our bunnies bake at a temperature of 190 degrees somewhere 40 45 minutes as soon as see that they rose and they toasty ready again you can check with a match or toothpick pierce in the middle if to toothpicks and to match the dough stuck our means the culots are ready oven and heated up to 190 degrees and our kulichiki sent to the furnace that kulichiki not I burned over the top
  • 04:03: put foil because they are from above I became very strong brown and poured water and I made a fire on 180 degrees very important cook about at the glaze I whisk one chilled protein to such a thick Foam add floor a glass of sugar sugar not granulated sugar add the lemon juice well know probably somewhere in one a teaspoon even can be a little bit less and vanilla sugar and all carefully I beat to this dense beautiful snow-white
  • 04:33: distance and immediately we put on our cake because it is very fast dries that's how this we got one big cake and four small one kulichiki specially cut to show you what inside consistency such a little bit damp and thick this cake is being prepared very quickly by compared to all those keys that I cooked before therefore I think that now it will be mine this dish recipe with turn-based photos cooking is on my website is corn. com if you liked this video
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