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  • 00:00: good evening I will prepare them classical orange sauce in based on this rather simple recipe lies the classical French duck with Oranges are all you know that and bake and fall with orange sauce but preparing mutate for a very long time so this sauce perfect for you just cooked some chicken or there chicken breast no culinary masterpiece if you do not
  • 00:30: prepare the ingredient which to us today need this olive oil white dry wine means 60 milliliters chicken broth orange are large the most important is vinegar also we will need to add honey and of course onions and flour for quantity
  • 01:00: ingredients milliliters to grammes I under video all this lay out on the exit of us will be approximately two three servings by the way forgot to tell you about butter here literally a dining room spoon you need to know what we are now doing we add creamy oil in a frying pan and add more olive oil after what we pour out here onion and cook for 67 minutes until the moment
  • 01:30: the onion will not soften when the onion on leave everyone even here he is a little bit with us became golden add wine and cook I do not know how you will have fire in short we need to do so to let the wine come out of you there was yet wine evaporated to us it is necessary to survive orange so that y we turned approximately 150-200 milliliters of juice if
  • 02:01: there is not enough then one more orange to take out wine evaporated add next to the vinegar broth honey here we add and naturally foremost
  • 02:31: ingredient is orange juice is Of course more recipes where labor is the center of the court I think that enough will be just orange juice from what now to us you need to make us you need to wait about 5 minutes until the the sauce will boil and while we wait for us there was still flour left which we will mix with small amount of water and then add in frying pan final stage
  • 03:02: add flour with water that we in advance mixed up like I did before said this and now we need wait literally a moment while our beautiful orange sauce slightly does not thicken Our sauce thickened and he ready to shoot it with fire we pour into dishes here is enough sauce
  • 03:33: principle of thick that is, if you are classical prescription would be added center then of course still would be more that this sauce you can use to such dishes as baked duck as I spoke at the beginning goose chicken go why there for example venison in principle and all if you want cook vegetarian sauce then just replace chicken broth on
  • 04:03: what a good vegetable at 1 5 before new meetings