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Yukola, from red fish. Sun-dried fish! Jukola, of the red fish. Dried fish!  See details »

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  • 00:00: graph friends today I want to show you how to cook a national dish peoples of the north under the name of a beetle gave birth and that is the first spurt is stored next year not some and very large quantities and their evidence they feed dogs after all they call it our bread is done on the following a small fishnet is better
  • 00:32: take a good leap large fat and partitions do incision along the spine she is us and along ridge do what heat do we know necessary
  • 01:13: Well, say this and we remove blood I recommend to work gloves and take credit for facilities we deploy and
  • 01:46: I insert but here spine and cut the question on which we We get such
  • 02:16: thing it is possible To cut off a head it is possible talk salt fry anything around it can be choose us more nowhere with honor this case depth then
  • 02:51: for cooking yukov we need only this part abdomen we do not need need but here's the trouble because it will dry out and will be very very subtle the water boiled for
  • 03:26: cooking the book throw in the beer hall put a lot of blood Only until she will stop and stand in the the benefit of the primer
  • 03:57: for example , here they broke up their ribs need remove squatting in this you would be open could they like Paris you can taste your own put
  • 04:28: never needed and we have
  • 05:07: such here to you further take our case and it is in this distance longitudinal incisions up to Skins or not skin not cutting through Ukrnafta my whistle this business
  • 05:38: dekker this wand it does cut off writing friends what can he do cook simply fry You can also create soup can be to cook in silence
  • 06:08: hooves the following video will be cut waters fix the dyoma of the bridge it is clear only on this
  • 06:44: but the sand she even us sticky I do too, well, here friends did not earn stood and now blew up want to teach and that's our fish cut we did at an angle of about 43 degrees for chinkong when we it will hang fish for 2 income to you
  • 07:14: see and also it will be easier dry out a little so we are now taking fish and dipped in this and this sound and at 2 very hot it's important five minutes
  • 07:54: not more so for five minutes the fish seemingly
  • 08:25: falls in this the sound of a word now without fifteen thousand 14 min from 5 minutes continue 1 year ago exactly five minutes now this fish pull the edges off we fight water and suspend the fog
  • 08:57: some glass the split does not wash away everything with a knife and a little I will hang it on night on the balcony there mosquito net can they will not get to tomorrow morning the answer at the dacha and write it down but when you
  • 09:29: ready continue our video such a thing is with us it turns out she still retire there will be another stamp more schedule remove larger wait while it's dry continue the video goodbye well here friends our gukovo
  • 09:59: with you began to a week ago a dirty trick can quickly cool on enter on see you here that or her it turned out she threw out the table she almost twice less meat drying to the extent that he has neither droplets of moisture to live as she breaks down very tasty smells absolutely at rest kept until spring
  • 10:30: calmly they give hangs on cranky of their homes start to heat up and she hanging from them azimuth eat themselves fed dogs of course procure some unrealistic quantity very much for the whole I do not know the cost there concrete plan dresses but for us of interest how to snack a saw meat barely salty little Ramadan measure under Saw a snack simply
  • 11:01: fabulous it's here I have an opportunity try not regret you can do principle from the white fish I did and at whom from pike cut abdomen a little bit searched for it separately back it on this recipe receives a later very before Pike this more for one hour someone meat it there under the beer perfectly responds stain but what happens
  • 11:31: from the abdomen so called a cache cache like more, too soaked sounds here little is being done a little brine another per liter of water the dining room is taken a spoonful of that . the fish is soaked in this is the battle alen tuba approximately 4 hours redeem them thin belly
  • 12:01: all then we wash off big hotel costa posted on video ears on the breeze here about it turns out the service is also excellent a snack for beer to everyone Thank you for watching video ends On this who liked it put husks write comments Well, who does not liked to put dislikes