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Dried pike, sharp with pepper, excellent snack to beer.  See details »

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  • 00:00: and friends and you on my channel today I want show you how possible conventional able and willing boiled pike starts beer somewhere on need respectively pike this is a small medium size sugar salt pepper Well, it will start we need to joke that it skills and then to
  • 00:30: we need her gash the mountain on a spit a
  • 01:08: new friends click and butchered on the Terek But on such leave cut leave while I'm in side return to It is literally in minute now we're prepare a mixture as always you well as it divided into three spoons coarse salt, take up the large
  • 01:40: But on pike given terraced paper took one to one but here it is three spoons of salt take two 2 tablespoons sugar then pack red pepper is not new on paprika carry our bunch if I love to clean the same as if waiting but lacked a squat burning say for the front if you do not
  • 02:10: I enjoy very large acute fish was there Of course you there hot pepper pour there a couple 25 spoons or you It requires 3 so that ever get respect three spoons fineness Field two tablespoons of sugar
  • 02:40: and 3 tablespoons sharp I would said no food no legs very much Palmer leave that pepper red black ball will not go and add here h has a small say those fresh take fresh for the winter with fresh strained just a few He fragrant cloves grass very well out cover this mixture we mixed a bright flavor beautiful back
  • 03:12: postcards fish sirloin cuts removed rib bones here this piece is a great it is necessary to cut it even in half but such pieces something like this size 5 by 5 centimeters on what it does tight dips fish in the aroma mixture, and leaves and put them plates dipped
  • 03:44: and so on . Now go pieces about this why size such downstream razkazhu pretty it will come back is seen here no back day did not you take off so that Now we fish and salt fish laid salt will be well at to 6 may be bloody even 7 but it is by no return to this
  • 04:15: understandable even to shoot later we will not We return to this order what happened fish pepper story stacked plate in a pan, and so then it is important to cover with her anything well, until a cheap We brought not stand here put two hours fish starts Juice will give go out
  • 04:46: we are opening and press down about Petrova jar sits here 1 6:00 then a drop here It took seven o'clock except for years, we We put our fish Now yes, and do next start look at what color not tired she shines amber this fish we have Now go and poveshat hooks a couple of days ventilated
  • 05:17: room and then from it back again you see that she began studying Circle project almost dry out the already It came out of the moisture and she's Falls we have a couple of days of experience you see what It will continue and I will tell you why we it is cut such pieces with pro old pen or she will cut will hang so here
  • 05:47: hang out and after It can be a fan than required Th Well friends pike Our pour my what happened rayed Now continue and continue our after a bitch it must tie cut into strips allow them to nokia what a mistake cut the fish here and so these pieces
  • 06:18: across and tranquility this thread wrong NBU needs to talk cut what along the bones because bone her go two but increase it here these here and when we cut them in the way it turn on small pieces a lot of small seed and if we cut off here so we Year 2 large casting oral studied frozen here such Address dig go
  • 06:48: nearby povdol correctly and cut it's such stripes shall cut and we will continue to friends chopped stripes pray for me It happened here developers It was such here platter very delicious snacks
  • 07:20: beer believe me see try this I'm sure the recipe you like what is It is not just corny even cleans a little like I would delicacy time he had a lot and each his tone believe that it worth lulu It is not on the round I resist course understands to frame more good beer put but I do not drink his house so here yet like so there you are
  • 07:57: all pleasant Appetite for everyone interested pleasant place huskies who are not liked dizlayki and forget subscribe to channel, and here is what that questions write to comments and so to answer well all all while before new Meeting so frying smelt so see the following the video will be ready as a fry onion on smelt all until