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  • 00:00: but you bought bananas I ate them all and do not have they stayed and became of the black ugly like color and so it's like once all the bananas for my banana cake it now and I cook I need 250 grams of soft butter
  • 00:31: immediately I weigh bowl Oil I soft enough a little bit more will remove virtually the whole piece hesitated lot 350 sugar grams of a pie actually keep figure but it will
  • 01:03: very tasty and worth of sugar, and it is necessary to put it as much as It requires the formulation 350 grammes and vanilla here at I have now here War and vanilla namely vanilla sugar I'll take on the tip This is how the tea if you have spoon fresh vanilla pod This is even more remarkable if you vanilla
  • 01:33: sugar, take 1 I'm going to bag sugar butter whip with a blender whisk attachment but to sugar I was a bit shattered I sign it spatula into the oil and I have to continue this whipping process directly blender if you I have a home mixer or manual or the stationary bowl it is certainly better to do so in a mixer
  • 02:03: Padme's strength and now I can take advantage of blender cleaning SCOR and are about to happen since oil good cream is now Court will not need 4 eggs but the eggs I whisk in one and Each egg is well
  • 02:34: involve oil 2 and if you add all eggs and immediately start whisking eggs seriously entered as every oil and it affect the the structure of the dough so do it it should be one egg kill Now for this
  • 03:07: cake just for I need to test sour cream with no methane I will take 200 grams I put the cup on the balance and Measure out 200 grams sour cream on the driver also in two parts and adds the 60 grams here and all
  • 03:40: sour cream left me and I get this such a good oil is now sour cream thick enough Now I need here will add the flour and baking powder and Flour I will
  • 04:11: here 100 grams rice and 200 grams wheat flour I did necessarily weighed and wheat flour Russia will take a sieve and 200 grams of wheat meal I asked here 200 grams me wheat rice I do not sift flour the cup itself semolina his
  • 04:41: I do not have to sift through it simply add Wheat has 100 grams and now I say as I have did this rice flour in the recipe total 300 number of us g receive I gathered from this furnace pie because I had such bananas kinase and wheat flour very slightly I do not run a shop I looked like
  • 05:11: think of what to replace Corn how are you thought bananas Corn no thinking let me try adding here a little rice flour and just a me wheat flour was 200 I added up to 300 grams of rice flour and it was stunningly Now I'm doing this cake only here in that combined 200 grams wheat flour and 100 grams of rice you you
  • 05:42: Can not you figure in flour to take the whole only wheat and flour I add 2 teaspoons spoon of baking powder mixed well and I drive parts oil in here I can already use
  • 06:12: spatula and well Mix the flour with oil if you operate mixer it's all you can safely stirring mixer in the bowl I'll do the beaters spatula me so more convenient and up part Multi must be well mix to flour All times was
  • 06:42: It is connected to the oil or most important this ingredient cake course bananas now I bananas'll not It takes two of three good banana in such Here they have I certainly do not black but black namely black and banana Black skin is Now that they need to I'll clean this cake Bananas take three because this cake
  • 07:19: bananas will not spoil It can be cut into pieces can knead fork I make a hands up such pieces tear banana and me It will need 20 grams brown sugar it's approximately such tablespoon I have a banana and sprinkle
  • 07:49: agitated to rub without rubbing sugar and bananas introduce these bananas test I mix up to bananas uniformly over the dough distributed I take a split mold I have a form on 26
  • 08:20: centimeters diameter It left me here a little oil I grease the form well butter and spread part of the test I distribute it Here is the recipe form is only 20 grams
  • 08:50: brown sugar but since I have this baked cake none I still take time brown sugar literally so here small handful and that's the part of the dough sprinkled brown sugar and report already Test remainder is already after my introduction in this cake and I seems that he becomes even more
  • 09:20: tasty and well all dough spread distributed as live in form Now he Pie basically ready now I leave it in the oven at 200 to degrees before how to prepare a do not forget the cake I turn the oven
  • 09:51: already in the oven previously included I have there 200 degrees to free convection and baked in a pie enough 50 long 60 minutes and then I will cook for him great caramel sauce just a little
  • 10:36: literally 10 minutes and It left for the cake is baked and at this time I cook delicious and caramel sauce I need to Sauce 100 ml water 100 ml water 300 grams of sugar I told Pie goodbye figure 300 I will add more grams
  • 11:08: I am putting water with sugar on the stove to boil caramel color until now I can leave the water with sugar the so-called caramel I'll warm up I have been here for 200 milliliters even I will not weigh here exactly 200 milliliters of fat cream Overfishing and a saucepan a little later they, too,
  • 11:38: I put warm caramel is already beginning Pad pictures here main condition even when cooked caramel to boiling can interfere with both only caramel begins to boil it can not be touched otherwise it will start at once crystallize it is very important that caramel was not here these crystals so the sugar principle to a boil you can touch it Stir sugar like
  • 12:08: just beginning to caramel boil in it does not fit just watch how it will change color I already caramel begins boil at this time I I have put warm cream cold cream, too pours can not otherwise also begin process crystallization this caramel should not be allowed all boils and now only We must wait until excess water will evaporate and caramel will
  • 12:39: acquire such a good Brown yes much brown it does not need to bring enough so light shade brown caramel acquired already the light which I need I shoot not boiling cream I now we must as it were, I repay caramel I pour the cream and here here you have to be carefully strong wildness
  • 13:10: climb back now something we must not interfere until it stops this is now much wildness First you burn his hands and secondly caramel Again, you will start climbed to a cold whisk crystallize Here's how the process bubbling stops It can be intense stirring whisk it is generally a very creamy sauce universal to any rolls
  • 13:40: Cinnabon and excellent decision but in some there if you cook it Cakes and pastries It is also a great solution very versatile tako creamy caramel in this case here at I will perform this lubrication function the top of the pie here now I can begin to stir caramel sauce already this is not Caramel sauce is already rapidly reduce
  • 14:11: temperature and slightly Uvarov Now this wildness It stopped at the bottom not at all the most caramel, and all of it melted cream and if you do, I climbed whisk before allotted time then I would have been there here are here is how pieces of crystals caramelly sauce thickens
  • 14:41: penetration I turn off the stove I set aside aside and forward to the preparation of pie I have it now check may be he I was preparing to and cake, too, I'm ready it just is not all
  • 15:12: missing I do so here I take a plate with a little bit out of the corner although I am very well greased but can move very edges you have to be hot
  • 15:44: very neat and rented me now it will be necessary to lay cake neatly on the plate's best always time-consuming to I point and shoot to pass on cake a plate at me all
  • 16:14: happened he corrects hot and now I have to pour cake caramel specifically as to what to do you just do not need take and fill I caramel cake I love abundantly watered caramel let it flows down from the edges then all saturate and the cake becomes even tastier and the latest
  • 16:47: bar banana cake I will take a banana I will cut in half lengthwise more precisely I lay one half banana cake and on little for such decoration strew brown sugar
  • 17:18: here is a pie survivors of bananas It turned out I do not like cut hot cakes but of course always I want to show cut and I'll show it necessarily He is very soft here incredibly soft when it settles very cool But now another even his brothers It is seen very scary
  • 17:50: good impregnation banana can be taken spoon and now this sauce that is poured on top again plates removed and frost on a piece of itself even a little bit of cake like a boiled condensed milk, but it not cooked condensed milk is
  • 18:20: caramel sauce and it much tastier If you have any overripe bananas rush to throw them prepare necessarily the cake and you do not sorry cook with good mood you necessarily all succeed