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  • 00:00: Good day I see on feedback is very Many have already purchased cut rate ten system yardsticks and start raise questions therefore, as it were, each answer is difficult and today we just try do some a review of all your questions and just tell how little It is working with this system a lot goes issues like zhezh
  • 00:30: work if above 54 if above 56 and so etc., etc. no rules no special here at We brooch 60100 2261 in the pool girth it is the size of 60 but no such rules there is simply picked up and built and now she in front of us tuck We see like me thigh less the chest I have breasts and more the hips are not less go one on one shelf on the back back on the shelf
  • 01:00: no there is not not need anything asked to do also at large outdoor clothing size I recommend to coat large size take freedom 4.5 instead of encirclement three but it is very rarely have to basically Now this lady size 60 we just at this if not we will do her light jacket coat and so on and etc. Now
  • 01:30: very likely in a cup all wear sew freedom encirclement 3 jacket and still h fitting takes something else you take away a little because everyone wants to make things very well sit but still better to start with layout layout made once separated man all considered not We have liked Correction made these But in this base curves after fitting layout and work rest of his life
  • 02:00: until the man lost or not stouter main problem that occurs I so I think that the this inaccuracy is not measure when I say that not the end of the arm goes inside for the width of the line prime and I I understand that probably this inaccuracy is not measure because when I say that we have size 60 or 56 and shoulder there eleven or twelve I understand that this simply can not be if above 50 size 52 shoulder 13 or more and not
  • 02:31: may never less Shoulder is removed from the of the base of the neck best is measure's chain If you have a chain here all under the base neck and shoulder where the end here we have the visible stitch line Sleeve is our shoulder you can not change it less if we say here Suddenly a parable sharply end here It begins full hand and we are here We finish well, take something average because the product must wring reach the end hand so that
  • 03:01: attentively carefully measure our shoulder if you carefully dare the width of the back when It has a width of the back putting the customer ourselves or there her someone people whom you will exchange very carefully We have to accept the width back and that's exactly and a precise cut-off hands up joint the other hand nothing there is no dream plus at this time of need ask the person that he was in natural posture absolutely not bend smiling man you have to take the fitting
  • 03:31: and here and so little bent and you increased width back look that get here you increase not from that not all the width of the back and that's it the place is loaded we have it shifted the black back Prime's moved and here we have a little something like really happened only on that People in the measurement wide back Well so that's a little bit I stood back a little so very carefully the width of the back length the shoulder is such measurements
  • 04:01: which can not be if you make mistakes more accurately measured the all you here but will not sure this is Here the point is to go for two centimeters for our point 2 x watch Now we are one centimeter Here we have one centimeter because this point two I had to carry very broad back in high leverage and we have We find the point the following problem that can be small
  • 04:31: it chest with a solution This occurs because what happens underwear that's how I Now here is a very round the chest and so the solution somehow that's not It matches a little you put on a breadboard man and you It turns out here in this place here in this place Now such a small Wave chu bit much she can not happen in our Still solution right and you understand that it I want to come clean then you tuck this line moves here centimeter to And this example
  • 05:01: centimeter them add here that's how our new Gulen it is called artificial increase in the have darts solution increased here at the centimeter here it and also increased we are increasing here width armhole this is our new line this to remove here there is such Shui but a little little wave remove it in a solution very peregibistyh but the figures are a girl with a very
  • 05:32: peregibistyh and figures back straight here and so that the inside really, really is such a here but it happens during fitting to here here it is necessary to from the back here from the back slightly lift height ie slightly raise them so peregibistyh back that she would have been so they are standard a little bit lift height but to many never clean there is no such the situation is a little bit centimeter 12 I will no more I recommended to coat for slot
  • 06:02: sewing a coat on country patterns and big size make free 4.5 Why a customized fit Of course it will be because it is wide and you on fitting here will clean the tanks extra but it will give you what you deepen pickles depth armholes naturally heartland Acad depth but look that's all a place where the depth of prime and you still go deep one and a half centimeters and you will not need artificial and then
  • 06:32: deepen this very convenient course I eat and how to build here here water soul sleeve model of Moscow was not Sophie He notched Dimitrovich He looked at my peace hand said it is very chic sleeve has a very very good shape beautiful it right built like this with good slope checks Well all this terrible text and I did not have time to processed but Now when I close I took up this job I still find time Processed and think that by the autumn you
  • 07:02: will be ears on the sleeve 2 as a sleeve on Sheva build here all I told for those who are already enjoy this system and has questions arise If you have questions when construction of the first remeasure measurements second dress suit layout layout to see what not so the third use the rules that I Now you shortly to lacuna something just of the rules and of course if the cut out in the oblipku in oblipku there meetings velvet
  • 07:32: dresses course freedom customized fit 0 if you like to wear all accurately in tight iii stretch and you necessarily arsenal should be built base template with freedom encirclement zero ie purely measurements you You will build without freedom customized fit I already told all for those who are already uses what wanted to say if will further questions from time to time we have I give you here are the same general lectures have common answers general issues and who have not yet use but
  • 08:02: shop around it very convenient system It gives very good landing easy to construct thank you to those who have already I bought this base system who have already He enjoys building patterns writes reviews I am very pleased that you build rejoice you get Thank you very much to all who speaks and then waiting for your reviews will rejoice with you