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  • 00:00: Hello and now you want offer associate Here is such a interesting picture method of knitting we the same but This was at two
  • 00:30: different ward here Now it looks like you rezinochka but here it is more like a pearl pattern but we get so the more volume is not very very beautiful lying on a knitted a web drawing he just fit facial loops backstitches loops us You do not need unity Wrong I see here but an edge loop
  • 01:00: It does not count on the web, we Only knit facial it does not loop difficult by so let's try to get it together so we take the tie for sample several loops the number of loops here quite it does not matter just I scored I type about 20 loops To make it
  • 01:30: barely visible visible he risunochek 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 rubles seventeen eighteen nineteen Twenty is enough for these loops knitting pattern
  • 02:01: can now be a number of related a facial eyelets if this is the beginning canvas simply fresh in this series facial loops what is good in this Figure we need will only face loop is not necessary bother with knitting and facial backstitches so tied
  • 02:37: prepared canvas and Now begins our risunochek Only knit facial the first loop Removable front goes on a loop with front loop sc with sc and so on until the end of a number of facial
  • 03:07: loop with sc we are the last, too you can associate packages the penultimate one last eyelet I usually loop and knitting purl loops
  • 03:39: and so move on other side and knit 1, remove all eyelet face dr loop with sc provyazyvaem front loop all loops facial and so on until the end of the series
  • 04:12: Now these 2 rows you will constantly repeats shifting current one loop side of the we will have staggered knitting facial eyelet end of the series 2 the last loop I purl knit it in we will face
  • 04:42: side in purl we were binding to the sc Now look here the most important thing here do not get confused where We had a sc loop and where there are basically differ See other from thousand I expanded this loop we had a front connected we had no sc by audi sc as the lead we here
  • 05:12: screams very well as here it is necessary here distinguished from these two loop and from each other not to get lost in the picture then knit 1 rented where we had throwing the loop we have to knit sc and the next face that is, we move one loop is small sides and knit it all in staggered Again we repeat all
  • 05:43: actions tab sc with facial loop with sc the front as you can see pattern very very unity is not easy entangled in the with the underside of the loops past penultimate The front and the lip on the front side
  • 06:20: all loops facial this figure slightly reminiscent of pearl but we do not knit backing effect and just all facial and hair turns It was a little volume well, very beautiful
  • 06:50: looks at knitting cloth So you see there where we like to uzelochki at So there they are staggered order such a uzelochki again repeat with 1 series figure offset at one loop again look
  • 07:20: where we loop She was with sc even a little bit like is below and here The first spot I previous child I did you nakida a front provyazyvayu where not It was knit with sc that's why we I repeat first row it is resolved to the loop front loop with sc
  • 07:50: you will need to train with this grove just to understand it, he does not complicated by no 5 tabs face more years I show that you have more as you to fix this drawing back to front aside all the loops facial
  • 08:20: and the lip have tested us beautiful Body risunochek turns on a uniform canvas he does not see very well Now I'll show you something I started to knit
  • 08:51: That's me and a blouse start Knit Now I have it so that's interesting it turns the volume a plump pattern gives a very It looks nice and let's consider another variations in color performance color it looks too wonderful and so entered thread different color and and secured the main point
  • 09:26: just tie tightens on start not knit white . here I first knit loop is not I rented just knit to consolidate colored thread and the first row and we'll link as this front side connects all facial loops and then move on to to figure on seamy side
  • 09:57: All you have to know how to I showed ok you can even tied observe late last Collar both because it It was with sc and from it will already be come on seamy side I see the first means
  • 10:27: just face it grew I penultimate sc was with the 4th I knit on the front reiterate our action with facial sc face with sc that girls and like correct I say yes and with sc then I film do you remark rightly say okay so tied this series have
  • 11:01: back to front aside all the loops may face here we at least through the color each works but I I move on to another Colour 5th thread secured First knit club all loops facial here are a few rows
  • 11:39: provyazyvat and see how some gives effect here such here color knitting who interesting to look at web shop again for remembers the last Collar us without sc it means to seamy side I will knit with sc Now we repeat
  • 12:30: White no points consolidate walked not all loops facial I left all the action
  • 13:17: first I had no sc why here necessarily be be very attentive to it on the wrong side to you before with sc It was staggered knit Here you can see some
  • 13:49: interesting effect pattern is obtained and so Further, this method knitting checkerboard order and we still consider opened the when we are here These are uzelochki be one of another that is not in staggered so let us consider direct painting monochrome without chess offset loops so the front
  • 14:20: side we always fit as the face time changes are we to seamy side means fresh as you move into I tried once broken Focusing so knit to the end of the series and now need to
  • 14:50: will necessarily do nakida over loops where we were sc 1 but have rented I have a loop where it was was naked night I'll take with next sc sc front face and so on that is you Now his hands are doing and one above the other the I have a water loop
  • 15:20: with sc over her knitting Again tabs facial and we are also on the all the loops facial These actions
  • 15:52: We repeat the whole winter in we will slightly different fabric is also very interesting I barely tie I show what happens So that's what we obtained as in fact I when we were binding sc and one above the other in loop as we do as it turns out Such is rezinochka but it does not contract canvas simply on rovnenko falls on helped itself and see method turns 12
  • 16:22: we get in the end two kinds of canvas staggered in we get a shifting without moving loops, we obtain roller blade and here the same when changing strings as you can see It is also very interesting it turns out sometimes just when vyazhesh rezinochku one to one with changing strings it turns ugly when you tsya provyazyvaniya from
  • 16:55: a different color we eyelet It is not very a nice change here it is not present then I like it more Here is an interesting so that's way you can get two based on fabric one method visa I hope you had try to understand master actresses streets work out and we We will knit it here
  • 17:26: drawing a very interesting jacket but now win finished I hope you will clear and I think that You should have bye following lessons