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  • 00:00: [music] the more you see my channel and today I will cook cake Well the sun or flowers who digs or do I need to I took here 50 200 milliliters of yogurt milliliters vegetable oil in a stack baking powder and later to say how much I It took flour or Lego pies can give
  • 00:31: any filling of your taste I will I do with potato stuffing here I He also boiled potatoes from Persia led red paprika slightly burning on Africa does a little green green onions bow olive oil about 50 milliliters of salt I have pepper said that the filling so here I can I will do two fillings here at I have my favorite stuffing with cabbage how to make and filling I'm ready to move on
  • 01:02: action and tell I think that for all this nothing new museum even under the new husband and even made a lot of cheese and one Mitterrand It needs more time when we all will ready and a little cultural and seeds so the recipe is better first of all do stuffing since filling It must be fully and the dough is cool yeast so rest and we're must not only potatoes and so I previously decoction then another hot cleared the
  • 01:32: skin when completely cooled down and Cut into such here medium cubes following what I'm doing I add to beech bulbs, I also I cleared to play on cubes and lightly fry in olive oil I add to stuffing then all of a pension paprika spicy paprika cumin add salt and black pepper in Chemistry
  • 02:02: green hand and we just chopped and Now it's all good I stirred and filling ready faster I tell you how to make cabbage filling gubitsya like let there and the third to a coarse grater carrots then a little prisolit and and crush, and we do not could what time of year cabbage cabbage Of course this small do not need then vegetable oil it all over again then fried
  • 02:32: streets and perchitsa and when dried dealt filling it most time to get dough sent into the cup kefir salt and then baking powder vegetable oil good mix Now gradually I will be sifted flour to enter into a cup for Misha small mastic
  • 03:05: Mangler dough became Falls hard knead it'll to do with his hands and the dough I took exactly 750 grams then it becomes part of the I turn and no longer profit and Justus will knead the dough but a few minutes it with kneading still much dough sticks to the table I
  • 03:36: I decided to completely a little pripylite table and mix it the amount of flour and all Still, I made a promise write that the best flour take 800 grams and well here is the result such a dough We send in a cup cover well and let me I think not more than 15-20 minutes to rest and so the dough to lie down Five minutes later we wanted
  • 04:07: show closer as it became air soft Now cutting plate and table where I work the dough to send all dough table will make of She's such a sausage and will form their zagotovochki one workpiece need do a little it will be more our foundation so cut off piece more
  • 04:37: livestock and onion bulb and sent on a plate The following will be the norm do a little slightly less here are some just post on not up to the plate I will do with all tests [music] and this way then
  • 05:08: I cover it all towel and immediately I start telling Here the principle is not be sure to dough a little more rested if you want you can 5 wait a minute I'm here immediately begin I define Peru zagotovochku CREPLA also at the top and will roll out ovals so wanted show what
  • 05:40: size such as the thickness here I think 3 millimeter so unrolled all their workpiece and unrolled all preform which were smaller and here so really I thought I put video remove his assistant as the heart of the work on here is what you have I'm sorry if it will there not something tells me Now take zagotovochku more I found a leg and out
  • 06:10: not need to roll out a around exactly the same thickness thus Here is such a size and will now configure your cake for the first time here so that's body shape and paper, in principle, can be any Form it can be such glass can be baking is already on your discretion I I will make fast then to receive
  • 06:40: so that it was visible I put only storonochku this one I unrolled circle and so our basis to go there stuffing on what you can again well stir and then [music] I distribute all Still, I decided it Only the foundation add a little cheese I suluguni but this is indeed your
  • 07:10: fantasy on your the discretion of the then I gather here and so all in the center of the bag sweetest well close up a little bit here and so I will form what is way and send Center now we forming tube
  • 07:42: I decided to have the first layer I will have a tube cabbage stuffing th and a second layer of potato so now I take one zagotovochku overturn stuffing too conveying a as it stood, and I post here and so along the entire length in the dough how to take the stuffing it is also for your the discretion of somebody
  • 08:12: He loves someone way less filling It can be absolutely any thing to she was ready and Now there are two options or you're ready simply states how So we sculpt cakes little tidy and then flip here We get such tube or just send stuffing so here on the edge and then just tightening the I am sending preform separate dish
  • 08:42: funny flour yet decided show if wrap like this Here on the edge send stuffing and Now here and so rolls twirl so that's well, what way choose the best option then try see how you
  • 09:12: more suitable as I send in a separate Well this dish 7 will form blanks Still, I decided do while 6 tubes because Last time I did not many left you can always finish and now we take one zagotovochku and vestibule to look at I cut and then to ship to list Now this city cut side the outside of the well
  • 09:43: also from this side a little way glue [music] [music] in this way It came to me after all to do 7 zagotovochku now I will do the same is the only potato stuffing here I 7 similarly to the finished and
  • 10:13: is now completely in tube with potato filling did not she shaped tubes I am now doing exactly and cut them half and sent already between this case as this type of tap a second layer and that such a beautiful pie I have already We now obtain I take Paul and i can here I sent a little vegetable oil mix
  • 10:43: in full and it is important to between pie better to I also like this here see what has Beauty and turned now just seredinku strew sesame seeds well and all I post your cake in preheated oven up to 180 degrees, I think about it there will It is 30 minutes to 35 Context exactly say and it took exactly 30 minutes it from me
  • 11:15: ready see how nice to get foot with a towel and I will say a little but here I have everything ready here and so it is it turns out here such that's the beauty and vkusnota own kitchen I fall on the table here in mainly in that each dish yourself taking into portions Basically it is possible and
  • 11:45: share the same I watch send It seems to me that much beautiful on the table review I need ended because I still have it do you try necessarily cook Treat your family I wish you all pleasant appetite Thank you that you have been with and me to the next video [music] gait bandit