Aleksandr Voytikov

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The super accumulator for the screw gun [Super Battery for drill]  See details »

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  • 00:00: Not cool, even after charging.The battery died completely. You can, of course, was heremissions and other buy I decided to solve this problemradically - even throw Battery elements and insteadput them to join ... to 12 volt automotivebattery.
  • 00:45: Contacts already marked,here. Here we have, plus here minus. Here, in the housing, molded,so clear where to connect plus and minus. Here is the redwire corresponds to positive,
  • 02:07: But this negative contact- Negative, black is. Thus, remove all superfluous, iepractically everything, reserve only the contact group.So, here are able to tear
  • 02:33: element from the contacts. nowit is necessary to refine everything, so. So I prepared a wireEach square section 2.5,
  • 03:03: double wire. so plusto positive, negative to negative, So, here insert, everything.And now remains only
  • 03:58: secured in this position,I use to secure
  • 04:13: glue gun, so. soexcellent, so let while
  • 04:59: dries up, and I, at this time,a second end, where do
  • 06:13: crocodiles. So with crocodileseverything. So, now collect
  • 06:49: all this economy. So, fix,soldering iron is melted
  • 07:18: hole for the wire.Using electrical tape, such
  • 07:42: bead will do to the wiredoes not jump through it hole or pullat the contacts. So, well, that's
  • 09:44: and everything - the adapter is ready.So I just kept
  • 10:50: one old batterywhich is bad twists, That's just him and I'lluse. Minus, plus,
  • 11:26: Well's try as heabout ... Yes, fully working,
  • 11:33: perfectly. Strength, as you see,very powerful. amperage such that easily Ratchetsoperates on five, even. Here, it simply scrolls.Well that's it, all my modifications
  • 12:00: screwdriver - from deadmade eternal. Thank you for attention. Goodbye.