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The interesting self-made machine for sharpening of drills. Sizes.  See details »

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  • 00:00: Hello I have movie about me homemade device for bormashinki for sharpening drills to whom it will be interesting It will be a reference for video and I We asked to show its size So what I am now and demonstrate right in my wheel 12 embodiment,
  • 00:31: but in millimeters your case can be perfectly the other, depending on the of what drills you You will sharpen It can be the same to make some variants opening at I have 6 well and rude saying this hole It allows between six and less side clamping drill that is, if you will be clamped big drill
  • 01:02: naturally it is necessary to make a hole more to 78 below design is of three main two bolts and parts 2 lamb mean I'll start with the platform in who falls smooth eagles means my version of this corner
  • 01:33: the whole structure made of wolf at 30 30 is not a duralumin you may be what that other angles mean then I have cut 45 degrees principle can be do a little bit longer cut further from the tip of the wolf to the point and do not think it is highly important
  • 02:03: the place where himself to the groove Call me 26 millimeters can be change is possible make possible closer then someone like convenient and also the most What do you plan sharpen force if suddenly it will be very little naturally a groove can be they can make even make a few here and then there I've got 26 millimeters and since Now this wheel I repeat 9
  • 02:35: millimeters in District 9 something I the slot so I have 9 and 4 groove width that is on a couple of tenths millimeters must Now this groove be width greater than the width of this very wheel further groove height this side of this side, in principle, current limited by the
  • 03:05: to this one bolt and when you to rotate the drill bit it is not limited by itself varnish so that he could rotate that is, I have hence the measure from the angle inner corner of end of 12 millimeters here 12 and 12 millimeters immediately below from the tip opening that's it at all
  • 03:36: not pay attention this hole just wolves and was It means by this tip to center Drilling at me 50 51 millimeter hole naturally, too, may be Depending on what you will use bolts and the diameter of such I bolt 5 and under
  • 04:06: for the from the edge of the outside hence compete Center drilling holes in I've got 12 millimeters below the length of the wolf Basically a special role big plays when if you wish will be very small drill sharpening its length can be although its reduced the total length of I 11 with one hundred and twelve
  • 04:40: half mm but special Further there is no difference link that attached to the most bormashinki mean a hole that's I have done so way that it here as much as possible denser and sat a little later would clamped then my 18 embodiment, millimeters
  • 05:10: further polls made under 45 degrees I of length 20 millimeters and let on central point slot if the measure in center of the hole fixing will guided so I mean 38 ie millimeters concluded from this center then mark the center
  • 05:40: 45 degrees We made this one groove Further details length is not particularly limited but of course I 75 Well, even if you make 70 70 millimeters will normally even Sixty seven how millimeters You will also see quite normal here This is also arbitrarily 45 degrees this that I just like
  • 06:11: how he was circumcised so he was simply as you can see I have processed I took flasks farther mid-level but to say design can be so say the hardest part done as you can see from the corner of one face such other m so so the very same I do not know like his show
  • 06:41: but the overall length in I 57 millimeters Now this part of the lower from the place where from the head Wolf I 38 millimeters the upper part of here This part I published 30 millimeters ie hem truncated further by the edge of this region I I will show it
  • 07:12: hole in what mean distance of 8 millimeters and from here the line here hole in the center I 18 millimeters as this is the very this one slot in hole is made Now I'm trying to how to reconcile the
  • 07:44: Well but also 45 degrees I mean here by this part to center hole center here I've been inside the boom a second thousand and then connect them to at the center of the hole I now have more exactly 12 millimeters, and
  • 08:15: from the top zagotovochka responsible 22 millimeters means Here on this line lower part holes here I happened eleven with half millimeters rather well no November 10 and a half if millimeters make 10 millimeters nothing
  • 08:45: terrible special accuracy is not there, and from Now this top line of groove 26 millimeters ie he long pass from me if that measure 16 millimeters I think again in Basically all say Now, this part I can be useful 33
  • 09:16: millimeter I think basically all no special difficulty I have all the holes by those who hats are bolts countersunk holes sense for winters forged countersunk head hides and she does not It prevents me at work and there is a natural lambs are Any guess on this
  • 09:46: All who are interested watch the video It will be a reference for video will video annotations anyone interested See video how it works device will a reference to a video I shall insert annotations arrow who liked postavte Huskies are questions ask to happy to answer
  • 10:16: but that's all over the thank you bye bye