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  • 00:00: hello today we will prepare universal test puff gentle with gentle it suitable for cakes and Napoleon and pies but very gentle and any of tongues is whether tongues puff let's start some the flour us we will need You need flour premium white necessarily
  • 00:30: We sift take water prescription how many we have written there add a teaspoon here spoon of salt necessarily salt dissolve after the solution is I add salt here juice of one lemon tablespoon possible and a teaspoon certainly not if you You want to oval
  • 01:00: Here's a crisp crispy one tablespoon then we we need Add one egg should be a little bit swing and all that together and will knead our dough the truth is not hard to you You can add here unless of course you want any alcohol
  • 01:31: it helps immensely good rises then the dough one tablespoon Vodka can be added I did not do anything I add and despite this dough rises exactly also thanks lemon juice if there is no lemon juice, you can specify Take this question Vinegar take any Vinegar is also give you fragility and your test what kind of
  • 02:01: Napoleon without this the terms here when you bites there here straight These are the petals crackle and the top you it crumbled on these petals such thin tonics can not understand minced no Napoleon for me it is not I just napadom I am doing here with this test the truth of his rarely do but It can be done
  • 02:32: into 3 4 parts and put in freezer and then use when you need to please and we have prepared himself puff pastry tubes of glasses, etc. etc. we can say very mesim so much dough that's how long Once it lags behind hand the sense of not adheres strongly all if it is ready it will greatly Stir the it you will have a hard what more to add to
  • 03:05: the but it seems to be anything here no yeast passes the test there the clock is not necessary and covered him left storonochku pack 1 oil act in film oil we Prescription you need to see 450 grams to 50 grams actually take 50 of them a pound of butter gram and putting them the dough if you remember the other four 450 it should be
  • 03:37: soft butter is you his Roll out or hands I give it a shape all this put cellophane bag bag take skalochku and will begin to roll out not to leave no, you see then we would not like united then that
  • 04:10: thickness was identical to such things pay attention please Why for that when we put this oil on those steel luxuriant growth roll out what get him somewhere and he will be more will bulge out tear your dough so it should be smooth and flat plus the cold Yes necessarily
  • 04:41: be cold oil But his align I align with one hand it seems to me thick on the other side thin although that seems to be a rolling pin roll out Well everyone is now tidy included as a mask on to what extent To be honest I did I cleaned and in the freezer for 10 minutes and will
  • 05:11: hide now we have to unroll dough until we know engaged oil on it took us can have 15 minutes minutes, but no more as the dough has rested banana dissolved itself Now it will be roll out in the first stage you can not afraid to sprinkle flour and roll out you need to roll
  • 05:41: so that there fit our our a piece of butter and a plus that we could hide again the first stage can you it rolled and lengthwise and crosswise them and the side and top where you want and here when it will be with you oil its roll where I want Mitya like we did not We got the dough is not so
  • 06:14: for a long time but it is still it's going to fly All salt and lemon juice that's so I think enough try that Vladi thickness whom I have now spread here is our oil more solid than harder the better well whatever it firmly and it was not until it
  • 06:44: rest in the apparel dough dough until it is warm starts a little bit to melt so We should be a little bit rush for closing all here the entire edge now I Check more once and for all and will roll out roll out quietly to our oil inside here
  • 07:14: Even seen as a yes she crawling among the dough if it strongly click like mine Here at the bottom of the answer it turned out that's a pocket to it was not necessary out and take push it as if up and this is how roll out and Colin only one way from himself and to his Then we add our dough four means There were two layers become
  • 07:45: eight more again I roll out more I think that the oil cold and rolled it has not cleaned it in the fridge that is, This is the second time then receiving it twice roll out means 8 layers of our test Our movement must
  • 08:21: be up-down and if there is a need that right and left, will continue fold the dough Again, the four we have received 32 layer 16 plus 16 oh yes 16 E-1632 Now, we have a
  • 08:52: this piece is now it is necessary to remove me necessarily refrigerator firstly dough should self a little let go it has turned out as a bomb you on his push it goes back to the way it should so do not be frightened Look, I grease the his flour to make it It will not befit You can cover the top wet towel or you can put it in cellophane
  • 09:23: bag and put into the fridge now no freezer refrigerator slightly Roll out to it horoshenechko there cool I tidy my favorite and live and a plate refrigerator minutes 20-25 because oil has now become I get it again
  • 09:55: I will roll it was hard as a you can see a little bit I pressured him and roll unroll slow after this article it may adhere to rolling pin dough already there very thin if see notes that
  • 10:25: , we have a some peel a little there, I do not I know the oil somewhere out top be sure to sprinkle flour a little bit there are many ways cooking puff pastry technology almost the same only some oil add the flour meters categorically say that I You can not add and even impossible to sprinkle
  • 10:55: Well to be honest I always do so at I'll get everything ok I'm happy with my test his taste layer of hell, I would not said that she afraid of flour to many it is not necessary because the dough will be hard but slightly to I do not stick to the table No rolling pin marks no problems dough It was so heavy
  • 11:27: you know She is supple is on He pushed hard but It can not be as much press somewhere in oil definitely drunk or as your breaks here quietly dough quietly We have patience and look somewhere a potbellied somewhere it is smooth and has Now unrolled I fold it into three part of it would be possible
  • 11:57: 4 just then it is inconvenient to roll since there is already It happened as Test kilogram with plus if you divide it can be in three parts and roll out four fold Now I have two places a little bit I discerned oil spread ground to the top flour and tidy again our envelope refrigerator again in the 20-25 minutes have passed, these 25
  • 12:28: minutes Now I pour on starch in the table here this stage is not it is desirable that at it was flour but it will still be stick to the rolling pin so the starch in the you can use any starch, you can potato can maize desirable corn course
  • 12:58: Can wheat and that you have these, we use again and roll out again unevenly it turns out you Do you know why so if you get and leave for half an hour that's more of this not Oil is everywhere what purpose cool of seredinochke it cools less the edges of the great poet when roll it means of getting potbellied and edge pieces now
  • 13:30: it would look like I even now I you need it to be although perfectly smooth smooth surface the outside surface will be at the edge of no later We cut away all this before baking as the same You can do so to your dough He remained in refrigerators freezers longer to him nothing
  • 14:01: It happened Of course the mistress is but the young know they has not experienced and they I do not know if you not just bought in shop supermarkets puff pastry and you saw their pack if it does not you see Listen take a test rolled out take food or film or Pekarskii paper Route
  • 14:31: and this paper rather unrolled Ukrainian elite paper and made roll it like cut sausage extra edge it all Put your roll plastic bag tie it better if you have a package and secure it store it in the freezer within six months dough you can staying there is nothing
  • 15:02: happen to them We got 15 minutes postponed to it a little departed and more can bake its puff pastry puff bun Well you want that I can sing well divided into three part I'm going to do Napoleon I need 3 cake and rolled I roll out revit not cakes and unroll and then again folded and
  • 15:33: store it in the fridge until tomorrow I need to keep my Constantly in the dough refrigerator for at least 12 hours just after Then I will be with him removing oven cakes each individual package if they are together they certainly stick together and individual bags they may well ideas do not remain 2 even before the new year It left for two days You can oven and tomorrow the day after tomorrow to do
  • 16:04: cream and spread or after tomorrow morning pensions night make cream and prayer so that I almost ready I have baked I will be on the table his so in love with Napoleon This taste of childhood To be honest I have He is preparing his uncle wife since it is cooked none of us our home is not done
  • 16:35: firstly it seemed very, very heavy debts roll out of debt keep refrigerated I agree the more she did not do it all once she had done for separately once separated by 3 or 4 part of each roll out individually Well you can see that we have up to 3 piece then I them Roll the edges cut off the Territory will be oven
  • 17:05: separately it will as for sprinkling cakes are for tarte wish you luck Take courage Prepare you too such a dough and bake him that want as long as I want say goodbye wish you luck health and happiness tell you bye bye nezabudte put Like and Share video and all
  • 17:36: come to me I I'll be glad to see you always particularly read your comments thank you you for your comments thank you from her young and old mom aunt grandmother Well, there's even a thank you man great I'm happy that you let me I write I talk with you goodbye for now till