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The most tasty Cake in the Post and not only! Cake without oil, milk and eggs!

The most tasty Cake in the Post and not only! Cake without oil, milk and eggs!  See details »

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  • 00:00: welcome you to channel our kitchen today I will cooking chocolate cake for fasting and not only test I I will cook without eggs without milk and without butter but cake thus obtained that delicious please everyone [music] [music] I take a half cup
  • 00:31: sifted flour Pour into a bowl 5 tablespoons cocoa all I cautiously stir to cocoa I do not jump cloud pours out glass floor sugar teaspoon of baking soda I stirred pour 6 tablespoons
  • 01:02: vegetable oil grind Now I take one teaspoon of baking soda or two teaspoons baking powder baking soda I stub lemon juice and I pour all the flour and to cocoa add two tablespoons tablespoons wine vinegar
  • 01:32: or can apple vinegar and a good all stir and the last ingredient it is cold I boiled water and glass and will pour slowly and knead gradually [music] the dough is ready, and here
  • 02:06: see what consistency is not much liquid I'm a little thickish formochka take me 22 centimeters in diameter it is detachable, you You may take any you can take silicone in general All that you have any will and coat with this form vegetable oil in prepared form
  • 02:37: I pour the dough and I send with mold dough warmed oven to 190 degrees 30 minutes until the cake I'll get baked cream for those who do not I will fast make lemon cream and for those who are fasting instead of cream can be use any jam jam jim Well, like I
  • 03:07: I took the juice of two lemons Now I go to sleep 100 grams of sugar and somewhere tablespoon lemon peel all and stirred I leave somewhere minutes 15 Now whip two eggs and whisk not whip mixer
  • 03:39: whisk now I must combine eggs Well This mixture of citric if someone does not like well, when here zest floating pieces lemon it can be all drain and then Cream is more gentle but I like when cream here is here these pieces so this all I do is pour in eggs and mix Well now I send
  • 04:11: cook lemon cream small saucepan pour lemon and the mixture was put on fire and cook it must be very small stir I have a very intense and cook until density look Cream already thickens stomach here now here he
  • 04:41: will be ready well here cream Now I'm ready it should cool the cake is now ready I I will give it to cool and then I will cut his half digest Glaze took 3 tablespoons cocoa powder 2 tablespoons tablespoons granulated sugar 5 tablespoons vegetable oil 4 tablespoons of water all th
  • 05:13: mixed and put on fire fight [music] whether manifested 1 bomb it means you need to have to clean up here These op-op-op all went from I remove important
  • 05:44: ready or she slightly due cool and will watered from above cake I lower the cake coat with lemon cream [music] I missed a layer lemon cream ones Who can post
  • 06:14: promazyvat it all jam jam jam such meatless all gadgets me lemon cream [music] Well on top of another
  • 06:52: adorn nuts such standard Edition but beautiful and well safe [music] [music] [music] here is a cake turned sectional it's a he to get wet
  • 07:22: very very wet it can be juicy represented as pirogue not need it cut and promazyvat there cream or jam or jam it will just moist cake so I I wanted to do here like a cake I think that the worst of this place I now try I know that he was delicious lovely cream
  • 07:56: very sour wet seredinochku just try cook very delicious do not take and this Lenten cake all pleasant appetite here you looked at how you can cook meatless cake delicious very juicy product I took the most most but ordinary not for nothing that this cake
  • 08:26: lean over the Bon Appetit subscribe to Our channel to the kitchen See you soon [music]