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CHEESE CAKES VANILLA Amazing! Soft and Gentle! Buns With Cottage Cheese.  See details »



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  • 00:00: good afternoon everyone is happy to greet on the channel milena recipes Today I will cook very delicious and tender vanilla around those who wish prepare this recipe stay with me on the can dough for cheesecakes I will cook in the kitchen harvester this dough can also be very easy cook manually and in bowl of a mixer I
  • 00:30: send milk egg salt sugar yeast, vegetable butter and cream butter now I I connect the processor I stir products and I immediately add flour nylin get enough sleep now the remaining whole
  • 01:01: flour and knead batter until ready Here it turned out the dough is very soft and very elastic to the hands sticks now whose capacity is the growth of its dough is needed smear lightly vegetable oil if there is no spray soak the paper towel and oil the edges we send here the dough close the lid and put in the oven with
  • 01:31: the included light bulb until the dough is will increase in two seconds half three times the dough came now I am a silicone mat sbr due to a little bit literally vegetable oil this happened soft look what a gentle dough dough and divide in half and each the part is divided
  • 02:05: about six parts from us will cheesecake approximately 70 80 gram of dough literally 15 minutes
  • 02:35: so she a little bit I will grow and we will start cooking cheesecake so now i prepare curd cheese stuffing for cheesecakes I have cottage cheese I'm not so large grains you can your cottage cheese wipe through a sieve if you love the pasty I like it here such consistency in reels so now i add a bit vanillin salt 1 egg I whipped
  • 03:07: blender and added tablespoon with riding sugar raisins and add here a tablespoon here this one with manna cereals and in the filling for cheesecakes you can add starch or flour filling is ready we leave her party now I'll cook sprinkle that is strokes for cheesecakes for this soft
  • 03:38: butter tablespoon add sugar and add flour put it all together to crumbs the dough is ready for us I apologize when we do I forgot the filling for
  • 04:08: sour cream we add here a tablespoon sour cream and connect together now proceed to form cheesecakes we need a glass we drop the glass in flour and press test the dough is smeared
  • 04:39: egg I have an egg here and 2 tablespoons milk now in every cheesecake and we put in cottage cheese cheesecake top I sprinkle with a straight cutter the crumb we have done
  • 05:10: and send to preheated oven for 20-25 minutes now I I will cook lemon sweet for this we need powdered sugar and add here lemon juice is now me add approx. floor a teaspoon I mix it and then add water before consistency of sweets all our cheesecakes
  • 05:51: my smell is ready worth the extraordinary look what they are turned out very fragrant fluffy now I'm on top lemon glaze I will add ladies a little bit flavor Here it is lemon the note she makes you cheesecake unusually stand on the table for minutes 20-30 During this time prepare coffee and tea and you can invite to
  • 06:21: A table and treats everyone uncommonly delicious soft curd cheesecakes with lemon aroma if you need a prescription liked to put like and share with my friends and I say goodbye to you before new meetings