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  • 00:00: hello is the food for every taste the channel with simple and tasty recipes today I am preparing to be at jellied pie with chicken cabbage the filling can be selected absolutely any of this can be cabbage mushrooms cabbage egg and would meat and potatoes in general any unsweetened stuffing [music] flies very simple and quick dough and the filling is being prepared for
  • 00:30: minutes 300 grams of cabbage finely chopped a bit of a piss and I will hand over the cabbage will become softer thinly cut 200 grams of chicken fillet semi-rings cut one head onions fry up golden color in a small amount vegetable oil I will mix stuffing I add cabbage chicken fillet and fried onion to taste salt and at will peppers and carefully all I mix 3 chicken
  • 01:00: eggs a teaspoon floor salt and 100 grams mayonnaise mayonnaise can be replaced by oily sour cream 200 milliliters of kefir I will add a tea floor tablespoons of soda kefir begins add foam his eggs mayonnaise and salt mix all mixer up to homogeneous conditions 250 grams flour mixed with a teaspoonful baking powder in several tricks pour in flour carefully mix to homogeneous
  • 01:31: condition and dough is ready for consistency reminds the dough for pancakes of forms and measuring 24 centimeters cover parchment paper distributing approximately half pastry evenly distribute the filling slightly receding from I pour the edges from the top the remaining test distribute evenly layer filling space at the edges slightly shake the shape to clear the emptiness at will from above can be sprinkled sesame seeds bake in preheated
  • 02:01: up to 200 degrees oven 15 minutes then temperature cook until 180 and we will bake 20 more minutes if pierce a pie in the middle toothpick it is dry it means completely ready see what he blushed with what beautiful turned out give him a little cool down we conduct a knife on edges of the form and get the pie turns out very juicy delicious and beautiful be sure try placing
  • 02:31: like if you like recipe required share with friends write your comments questions but with you was the channel I for every taste up to see you soon [music] [music]