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How to sew an elegant blouse from an old dress. We INCREASE with 46 by the 50th size. 1st PART.  See details »

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  • 00:00: Hello this video I want to show you as with this dress make a blouse for this we need to you measure the volume breast waist circumference and volume thighs and define between the first debt I grew up and dress side seams and then I I cut off his line thighs if you I liked my idea
  • 00:30: Stay on channel and we will be together work on it dress alter dress full flat I already ripped one side seam together with sleeve start steam out of the second side seam is painstaking work There are pen Perez is necessary to shoot a as dress goes on lining will have to unpick
  • 01:00: lining the dress I I acquired a couple of years back on the market in the beeches one of the boutiques here or go to It is written on the election of I I will hope that it's really till the difference between this dress and me 2 was size then I will zoom in and blouse two sizes and plus
  • 01:30: yet I will give freedom customized fit freedom customized fit I will give anywhere from 6 up to 10 centimeters i like to a product she made me free and embarrassed my movements you do You can determine for themselves any allowances and ripped seams with two both sides of the board and a lining
  • 02:03: I press them apart all like me defined length blouses 70 centimeters blouse length it will dlinnenkaya Dress me that Warehouse so I I remove the lining from here shoulder can be bulavochkoy slay
  • 02:38: can be shallow draw and likewise mete out But from the other shoulder side 70 cm also slaughtered bulavochku tickers I cut my the bottom 33 will this centimeters
  • 03:08: time we are cut the bottom dresses here and as we I want to remain blouse was on lining and I am now cut off by lining size blouse already here I fold dresses
  • 03:46: Two align its on the shoulder seams rovnenko then Exactly the side seams stabs pins align elephant neatly and the same We perform with the most
  • 04:18: the other tunnel so I have not bothered if you dress Lining it will be much easier like that so we have identified with you Back length and now I cut off Now I'll cut
  • 04:50: lining the pile for which cut off the same I have here a strip cut difference between dresses that have
  • 05:20: I did and my dimensions It was on the chest 6 centimeters tried m centimeters hips 12 centimeters these dimensions I added 8 centimeters freedom encircle all I share these increases half and then two then I should have cut two bars and I have
  • 05:51: determine the amount of floor and also add 2 cm at the seams I've got to be two wide strips near breast 9 centimeters from round 7 plus 29 centimeters Sem waist and a half plus 29 and a half
  • 06:22: thighs 10 + 12 February centimeters and cut out two strips here the front portion of the strip I impose on
  • 06:52: front of the Russian I I turn over the wrong side beats blouses that it was more convenient prominent here so here this way we convenient not to have to to draw all these twists and stabs this is our Prime's mei and then we'll
  • 07:24: trim the time we impose and shear can be trained so that's way on the table rovnenko laying and we fix you if love more fitted silhouette on allowances give fewer 3 4 5 seven centimeters
  • 07:54: centimeters WHO has given and depends As you more like so now look overturn blouse face up and I impose back I impose on the back our strips
  • 08:24: I came here the same properly secured it's make with second hand impose back I fasten all just tried on
  • 08:57: blouse allowances for waist and hip line perfect little it will be necessary to remove prime area and one of the other side and as I thought assumed that because It will be slightly gone shoulder now I was floating on sleeves and think how to redraw sleeve I had to in anyone you to strip the sleeve
  • 09:27: because the hand was narrow to me here I look otporola sleeves here I [music] this Prime's so I was a little removed exactly half centimeters removed here here for armhole I got One piece 6 half centimeters from from the armhole to the waist Now you show here
  • 09:59: exactly six half centimeters from the armhole to the waist and bottom of the 11's 10 and a half centimeters expansion went just as well and vice versa what could I now I will Now cut out the armhole see how it goes
  • 10:33: I sometimes talk to Now I look at the eyes omit here just literally somewhere centimeter 2 look here before place this is not the place touch here and so on there's so comparing it and we armhole
  • 11:13: ready armhole and so now I am
  • 11:56: start and passed sleeves you have already paid note that at the armhole I have lengthened decided that I cut sleeve that It will seem longer on the floor Raglan the main part of the sleeve will be located But on this here pieces and now with Sleeve of I Baron poison vstavochki who will go That's about the bottom
  • 12:26: both here on the side seams will continued here this insert and so I It measures the volume of its my hands 31 I gave five centimeter centimeters freedom customized fit and I need to carve out hand in the amount of 36 centimeters here look how I hand painted it is here I
  • 13:02: postponed 36 centimeters its volume of arms and already of this amount I made the sleeve can be take wing arm of who with password, and about them make a sleeve extending the kill in the mask to I increased arm's I picked it up
  • 13:33: I think that it is necessary It will be slightly increase the armhole increase the armhole now touch anything until I'm not here I measure until its brim touch nothing I am leaving because there's 25 25 centimeters
  • 14:06: centimeters so yet I leave since there if need be I sweat a little pruning lengthen armholes and my sleeve and shoulders should be I'm at a place drew see such a bend sleeves like this hand Exactly but
  • 14:39: if it Fold I think it will better bear until I I will cut out so as it is because I this piece rovnenky and then I I will be cut in the ass on the patterns Now I will try to cut edges will be Look, I'm here so cut out sleeve I spread out my becomes the
  • 15:10: manner that I will do this first thing I I note here so here this way back This forward forward I cut off one part, and cutting off
  • 15:45: But on the second fold here they are part of and I now they are glued together each other so well here edges where we stitch should be here now so that's a way that's not exactly unevenness here
  • 16:18: This is due to the fact that I will cover roughly cut off Now here we have a you cut separately here such Now here vstavochki I glue the way it we combine the armhole
  • 16:54: primary interest armhole armhole should I have exactly perfect I take the hand of pile in half like this that's way and given our will stab pin and here
  • 17:27: Look, I served the two halves face to top only to here comes here I setup such letters stitched to steam I did not I will be there, I'm afraid holes and so neatly spread [music]
  • 17:58: but the noise I give centimeter lack of Wushu even centimeter somewhere in the 07 look
  • 18:50: neatly here in this way here We will sew up here Until then it is possible and warm cut somehow it is if it is impossible to one half two men from do sew on
  • 19:20: on the shoulder and center I'll be right moment sleeve