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  • 00:00: good afternoon dear lovers of trout fishing today we will talk you are silent about something many manufacturers wobblers on some sites here and there slips information on some of it is not absolutely everyone from you have come across such a situation when in certain one of the baits but not exactly bait itself
  • 00:31: namely the color gamma shot shot and very well helped you catch some amount of fish but in further testing the same bait in that same river for a bit with other weather conditions we get perfectly opposite option and what about lies behind this why is it that one bait the same bait in the same river for the same fish I checked this on
  • 01:02: bit trout after competitions in one the day she shoots very good in another day or even the same day but a little bit at other weather she already changes its catch quality so let's start from the fact that by going to the store you buy wobblack well or someone told you if you are somewhere did you read something learned you take bait look at
  • 01:32: visually it common bait is nothing she does not different from say many others baits and us it seems that really well, that here such Klum coloring top of the acid bottom bright orange with lateral silvery up should be like attract manner
  • 02:02: certain but there is I have one magic aladdin lamp which helps me very strongly with check wobblers namely when buying which bait i in advance I know that it is possible from them expect if I read it we admit the information on the site or I saw how do they look in those or other conditions some baits is simply just check many advanced spinnings and
  • 02:32: spinnings athletes are aware of this but not always use these quality wobblers directly on when they who know and use very let's say so but successfully and sometimes very much different say, but if a person catches next two athletes catch and one beret throws a wobblers 2 catches it color gamut and changes the approximate
  • 03:02: bait gamma without this lures and he thinks that he will also catch fish is a deep delusion and so we now we'll see how looks like a wobbler and in normal lighting and how do they look under lighting ultraviolet or such a lamp need to have principle, but not everyone but whoever interested in the who are creative looks at catching trout and so you
  • 03:32: now we see we see our ordinary fishing lures which we we use when catching trout in an ordinary daylight as you see nothing supernatural with they do not occur this is ordinary wobbler while we in daylight now we see everything baits in
  • 04:03: ultraviolet irradiation is ultraviolet lamp that changes in some wobblers changes in perfection is what we see with the eye let's say green turns into bright yellow or dark brown bright green well here take one of the carbons this wobbler
  • 04:33: now looks like bright yellow but on in fact he dark brown now we turned off and ultraviolet radiation and you will see
  • 05:03: that there was left on the table practically only two lighting effects this is also very interesting effect which is made in fastening in certain baits we see still here directly . . simply . see yes now we take include
  • 05:37: ultraviolet lamp and bring it bottom side and top that's what fish see water at sunny lighting or klo plan vein and light by spectra in my eyes the city ​​much brighter the whole picture yes he becomes so
  • 06:08: more vividly love raw soup from green as such I do not know but Well, this is the egg in center complete darkness as see is happening the following are such here are some interesting things can occur with some wobblers under the water, we see with you rubles mouth which he has on Day of Light Drive this is color drive
  • 06:41: will work full darkness or darkened more bright space here how it looks and closer to ultraviolet ultraviolet coverage of Here's a wobbler cycle house such a bug is very beautiful very appetizing pure surface nick fish he often takes
  • 07:11: only the trout is clean above is dark brown color me green it so orange now turn off the light and you will see that it will be do in ultraviolet especially its upper part see how everything is this Here is the luminous point will move in water
  • 07:41: like this so sometimes all that we see with the naked eye can be perfectly completely different the lure is still one very interesting mongrel trout this art boy
  • 08:11: such a jig can be say which falls into a jet and under certain Igor at the mixer strips certain animation is betrayed the game is so rushing against the stream matechka now you see how it will be ultraviolet to look under water so this bait will look like ultraviolet dark layers of water I I can now change
  • 08:43: not in our range author feel better that you seen as a lamp moves on closer and dependencies from it will be a bait change your color here is such here such secrets are sometimes lies in Japanese baits