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  • 00:00: I welcome everyone to its channel and Today amine very all knit in the gum under they lead them to such a name she received because they stripes like cords volume now I show volume band looks like it unusual
  • 00:32: If you like this let's gum together and for fresh and gum we need dial number loops multiple of three let naberom 15 Peter to be seen was sample 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 + 2
  • 01:06: 1 and edge 2 and the total we got 17 eyelets pulling a second needle and knit first row repeat of this pattern is a number 2 to two rows are We will need to be repeated to link more
  • 01:36: additional two a number of them now we and an edge, we were binding shooting on alternate one face loop 2 purl The front and purl 2 loop and repeat knitting front 2 purl front 2 purl
  • 02:09: front 2 purl front 2 purl loop edge we provyazyvaem purl loop turn knitting we have a second row and remove an edge second row we were binding 2
  • 02:40: facial loop 1 Wrong how things are loop 2 face 1 Wrong 2 facial 1 Wrong 2 facial 1 Wrong way finish number repeating the loop and last loop we
  • 03:13: provyazyvaem seamy edge turn knitting and the third row here we will continue repeat these 2 rows of 3 and 4 are the main remove rows an edge and we front right loop introduce needle into the loop bottom row and
  • 03:43: provyazyvaem front loop and now even one face we provyazyvaem loop this series and reset with spokes we knit 2 facial loops 2 purl loop 1 repeat
  • 04:17: kolyba lower loop series provyazyvaem front loop and pull it provyazyvaem another front loop already in the loop of the series 2 and discharged purl so we continue to knit
  • 05:07: to the end of the series and the last loop at we have a bead provyazyvaem purl loops we finished
  • 05:39: third row turn knitting 4 number of an edge shooting 2 facial knit loops 1 2 then we have 2 purl loop here we do provyazyvaem together purl loop 2 facial loops and 2
  • 06:12: loop provyazyvaem together purl 2 facial loops and 2 together provyazyvaem backing loop and the last loop
  • 07:00: provyazyvaem seamy loop is bead loop all we finished repeat of this pattern then we repeat Only the third and fourth row ie again we were binding remove an edge knit loop in which It is close lower That provyazyvaem front and in the loop
  • 07:30: this series of face then purl 2 Row 4 was repeated 3 and finally we get here such a beautiful rezinochku we are We learned today knit gum cord if you
  • 08:00: I liked Master Class put huskies write no comments creative you success goodbye