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Knitting of a flat ROSE and CAMOMILE  See details »

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  • 00:00: Hello I offer you learn how to tie here such a rose as a rose connected with me for Irish Lace rosette flat petals a bit convex this is the front side it's purl side such a flower is tied up very simply connected He is from mercerized cotton 100 grams and there are 65 meters and a hook
  • 00:31: for knitting I I'm using number one start knitting this Rosettes begin with chains of air loops and for this rose I used chain length of 70 air loops and so we type 70 loops we make first loop first now
  • 01:05: counting out 70 air loops every two three 4 5 70 loops of 70 air loops are obtained the flower is such size can be typed large quantity then the rosette just increase in diameter or can be score less quantity so long ago will be small in size next we begin
  • 01:36: knit this one the middle for this first we fasten the loops without a crochet and the next loop will also knit without a crochet But to enter a hook not in loop air and around around the air
  • 02:08: chains we circle pull out a loop we sew 2 loops together and again around the air chains two loops together it turns out column without crochet tied around chains of air petticoat such columns need tie 20 pieces here it turns out 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11
  • 02:40: 12 13 14 on dtsat 16 17 18 19 and 20 20 bars
  • 03:15: without the crochet turned out Now you need these all the bars are tight pull up as center that's how to pull up their in order to closed such We now introduce the ring one eyelet in
  • 03:50: working loop second the loop needs to be seized this is the top faith hook in top and now The same hook we introduce in the first free air loop near these posts and now all together we sew 1 loop like this the center
  • 04:20: flower the whole next row we will knit stakes without a crochet but to bind already in the chain we introduce hook into each the previous row and bind column without crochet we sew each loop that's how it turns out
  • 05:07: in this way columns without nakidov need tie the whole chain before the first loop they tied it up end of the row without a crochet and now work turns on the other side now we will knit arches from the air loops like these here petals for arcs we recruit 6 air
  • 05:37: Loops 1 2 3 4 5 6 and now here we miss three loops in the fourth we introduce hook and knitting column without crochet and the next lobe of 6 air loops 3456 in the previous series
  • 06:09: we recede three five in the fourth knitting column without crochet and so we continue knit to the end of it I'm dialing the bark out of 6 5 years 35 not I miss them fourth knitting column without crochet Well, these are obtained
  • 07:06: arches and knit to the end of the series tied with arches to end of the series and now turn the work on the other side now we fix air loop we introduce a hook into front in front of the loop free near a column without a crochet and pull it through
  • 07:36: pass this the loop was pulled out working loop through She made the air this in order to the first petal was walking as if in the middle and now we will tie oneself petals first we knit 2 a column without a crochet 1 column and second column without crochet polostolbik do
  • 08:08: cape enter the hook present pull out a loop and we sew 3 loops on the hook together turned out polustolbik and now 7 columns with one we put on the crochet on the hook we introduce hook gift pull out a loop we sew first crochet 2 loops together 1 a
  • 08:40: one-piece second column with one on the third column with one-piece fourth column with one crochet 5 column with one on the 6th column with one-piece and
  • 09:10: seventh column with one cuff now half- loop 3 loops together and the crochet and working loop and column without crochet between the petals can be tied up connective pull out a column working loop through we stretch it out primary turn on
  • 09:40: the next petal we knit first one column without crochet polustolbik and 7 columns with one at the end of 1 column with one-piece 2 3 4 5
  • 10:12: 6th 7 is now a semi- column column without crochet and between arches of petals connective we go to the the next petal
  • 10:43: by the same scheme column without crochet polustolbik and 7 columns with one crochet 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 now polustolbik not
  • 11:27: column without crochet connective bar between lobes so the tying of petals and exactly the same tie all these here are a couple here tied up everything petals and now last petal
  • 11:59: connective connect with first loop we will make 2 air lifting loops and now we cut the thread we cut the thread with great big tail then we will sew Here it turned out
  • 12:35: rosette but that she looked like a rose Here is her need for spiral sewn staple knitting needle small abdomen dull end first fill this one up initial tail so that he does not interfere
  • 13:06: from the inside we introduce needle one way straighten out and having receded some distance to the back
  • 13:37: aside straightened and now this tail can be clip now remains long tail sew all roses for its
  • 14:17: it was convenient to shake sew it more conveniently with underside add up as she must be Here's something like this and
  • 14:48: now the gray place We will forgive her sew together captured the initial and now spiral hide as much as possible
  • 15:20: inwardly thread so it was not visible sewn edge grab and stitch as
  • 17:01: Here they sewed up almost center and in the center now we fix it exactly one way
  • 17:41: stretched out and in the opposite aside The rose is ready will need it under
  • 18:15: ironing it so that rovnenkaya was and here this turned out the dependence of how You serve it as a sow it is necessary to fold it too it will be more lush need decompose these are obtained rosettes let's knit together