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  • 00:00: hi hi to everyone Hello, my name is Julia you are on the channel Dress therapy channel at me one and it's called dress therapy is the second part of the video where we will be staple our little white suit and before the beginning of the video before the beginning of the second part I as usual will respond to your questions questions you asked a lot many thanks thank you very much many girls and young people me look and for different countries is very pleased that many people are trying how do you wear
  • 00:30: so interesting yes it's very cool and great when people try to create something with their own hands any thing even let the very very simple many of you with beautiful exotic names very unusual fantastic you send me photos to you wanted to see sew for example, yes capabilities I will definitely do it show if I do not I will show and see what some style is very similar and you can do it
  • 01:00: make for example some crease the girl sent me striped dress here it's just been laid like this fold on the skirt I then necessarily when we are in the game and another dress I'll tell you how it is can be done and show a photo of what now for some reason not I realized asked if you changed can I sew such a suit of oil or from the micro-oil of course in the dress that was on my first part she was sewn from oil colored dress
  • 01:30: from a decollete to a scent such a video lesson is double belt here same as you and I did in a skirt such video is yellow dress that's what strip a belt also you could ask super suit please see it's a turquoise suit not even turquoise mint that was I left myself the basis of the this cloth by structure is very like oil or micrometallic composition another is the same thin kai is also a suit it is quite possible to do
  • 02:00: It can be solved without rubber bands of the wheelbarrow can be Here I am you it in the beginning of the video showed and many questions asked about lace capes here see is worth spring I cape can not be seen as a jacket cardigan see if we will be interesting cipher live without without at all here without problems it is possible
  • 02:30: sew it now to its own blouse first on shirt on his blouse it on mannequin my shirt little could not I'll show you can be on red hard to see clothing demonstrations first video here such a cloak can be
  • 03:00: it look like cardigan can be do this lengthwise sew another game well do for example beach tunic of any tissue is not necessarily from lace I do not know how this will be seen on video and I think that it is visible here such nakida chko cardigan not only from laces make a even from tissue to tighten if not tying it's just like this you can even see hands to do more looking how much will you take lace lace or guipure and for office style as of now
  • 03:32: it will be seen clearly it is seen class would be me now I will show here for office style or even see how cool i say about them below you can add more to it make both beach tunic if interested if we are interested
  • 04:03: sew inside such chic cardigan now dad was this shirt on top blouses to avoid engage in striptease video now I'll show you what for this my dummy little cat so the dummy I did not was able to breast
  • 04:37: his shirt for This anikin wall large not yet size all there are fewer such people so here you are: on top of a sweater to hour from the top sweater channel is understandable so that I no longer changed their time cabbage 3 sweaters on I'll dress myself
  • 05:08: well it will be clear I I think see here such a point and on you can even dress can be drawn from chiffon and girls do not only from lace if we are interested sew because me asked me a question yesterday girl asked I remembered that I have such varnishes. there is a kulisk you can tighten in the book here so the video as always off topic at the beginning
  • 05:39: thank you all very much great what are you see what you set a lot questions are very much for you thank uu suit very simple tailoring here deal with this can be sure with you we will sew a dress with waterfall mouth you very much ask I will try to answer questions show nearest time but now now I am preparing a new collection of time catastrophically opinions are lacking as as usual, I'm all business in recent days
  • 06:10: such a man couple days I have a buildup then I try fast fast this is all I do to all I wish good viewing and good moods for now the very first perimeter we necessarily we sew lining with guipure you already understandably it all pierced swept away ironed looked nothing for no climbs too much cut off and now
  • 06:40: necessarily we sew between themselves because if at once overlook can somewhere the cloth a channel between it will already be as one [music] [music]
  • 07:18: on the perimeter of land there now I will go over to the overlock and sew together all pieces of pattern our plate is stitched together shoulder seams and
  • 07:48: side seams make mark necks and winding not by the sleeve we process and sew I will show everything processing
  • 08:58: the neck is not forget that there is a me video 4 way Throat processing who else does not need thread and in the same way I'm working on music
  • 09:34: modifying the sleeves [applause] I think again between
  • 10:04: by yourself like this [applause] these tails are one
  • 10:34: I leave a centimeter then I will tuck in here so and here's how to tight enough hand louse hands will be succumb extensibility is therefore it can be scanned for lockstitch machine next I'll tell you and show skirt proceed to shiva waistband
  • 11:04: [applause] will be his
  • 11:36: turn out this angle is obtained it will need slightly cut literally here even skirt and lining mean here everything is clear skirt
  • 12:07: we sew as a skirt side seams we process bottom lining is also side seams we process the bottom so and stitching what I did smoothed the anise for that we rubber settling of a rubber came just to fit medium. miss blouse for stroked the belt
  • 12:39: checked equally or width and here if here you see a little bit not this Corners need to be cut off show there the belt was symmetrical check who we are staple too check that everything was symmetric if Somewhere something climbs we cut skirts too smoothed the anise for
  • 13:11: so that you can process first I I will sew up my sleeves on the button while in I will sew on sleeves like we sew on sleeves when do the sleeve flashlight insert a hand threesome and I will explain do the paste sleeve armor connect
  • 13:43: these two shevchik and two seam so that they do not go anywhere gone for bulavochkoy needles about him mikolajczyk not a pin because what will I collect lanterns with a pin collected round herringbone
  • 14:15: here is the shoulder seam I leave three centimeter in one and in the other side does not I will sew it up strings then in this I will collect the place flashlight now will collect hand 1 and 2 show that I have I did put rubber arm
  • 14:48: will need an overlock process further that need more make process the neck you can turn smooth to process manually process to machine that is it is clear yes who some kind of fabric is very elastic can be in twice return the same for scribble neatly or manually zabib so also it is possible do the same with sleeve with a skirt that I I will make a skirt
  • 15:18: I'm telling you this is me with you've done a lot already time so I'm now explain and then I will show ready and corporeality I'm going to do with th skirt under the skirt lining is wrapped skirt do not insert forget about shovchiki
  • 15:51: stitch around when sew sewed out here so it will already be protection is turned out inside out we take the belt we sew necessarily and just telling how will i do it when sewing we take the belt water
  • 16:22: center of the belt to the center skirts are here pinned just to make me one and the same did not show constantly in each video so now I will explain orally here too, we find a noise pinned to the whole coincided here when you are already pinned back We look to
  • 16:53: sovchiki coincided and then the belt a little bit less than itself skirt can be there literally there for one centimeter well, what rebelled like you had him want to see this the train is a little bit necessary will stretch to They came under the main with the presser foot and so in and of itself stretch that is you do not need not be apply no efforts later definitively return someone that is begged that is all is simple all
  • 17:24: you already have a belt ready they forgave the belt ready further that I tucked the bottom of the skirt handled this shevchik I manually swept either by car evenly for cutting or her whole suit already ready here too processed the neck sewn hands not from already put in the rubber suit can be so say what will be already you are ready to mean that I have to do now i will do
  • 17:54: stroking and I will be you already show on mannequin that we have it turned out with you The suit is ready the costume consists of skirts with elastic knitted belt skirt on lining underneath and blouse under elastic and which for example raise higher lower suitable for any type figures are absolute know and tummy hide and under pants is fine I I hope that the suit
  • 18:27: you are good too it turned out like me from me I wish everyone good mood like this The suit looked to us not you already saw in the first part of this video all bye hotel [laugh]