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  • 00:00: Good day today oven incredible this delicious bread we need naturally big bulb Here it is now, we we shall cut will you must fry the necessary transparency nobody else three key tablespoons olive oil to As fry onions 12 grams of salt and 10 grams yeast and 350
  • 00:31: milliliters of water load story onion and fry until transparency drain I want to get more so Saturated right wow hook and shake the taste of food feasibly example up gold add salt dough pain is painted here in tests flour and crumble here and now triples neatly He rubs the yeast into the flour fried onions until already flavor that's gone onions
  • 01:01: cool and now knead the dough knead the dough can be manually I'm going to knead at through its Bread Maker flour and fall asleep embarked on the batch kneading It ended today sawed plank flour and lay out the dough and leave for 1 hour covering it Polotenchik order
  • 01:31: it is up to but now the test and so Here we add this like a ball and go on flour noise drills We woke up neighbors our house not only bake bread but also make it's great and so today the bread of his you can either bake some form I'm going to bake ceramic they 2 generally ceramic refractory molds they stand
  • 02:01: temperature 400 degrees here in this form I drank bread not only can not bread oven, and can be baked fish meat Vegetables anything today the bread I will oven here with this form cover and so we are now do the following here this form, together with the I'm going to cover turn the oven Obata oven on and Warms and food temperature 220 degrees better of course if it will be woven form but I do
  • 02:31: woven form no so I use metal mold and so today we take bread, this one is closely or rather has already time. over and again we Now add up in a bowl and so the edge bends we get here this here and form a tight ball and we are now laid
  • 03:05: it's in the mold Cover and leave one hour for lifting test for this time here This dough should increase by a factor of 2 and we do heats up oven with form oven warmed up open In fact, it Now here It will be like village real stone oven and now here in this form, we must be carefully
  • 03:36: shift the bread and so I cover everything ready cover 220 degrees 35 minutes aroma tell it and so we obtain he is such a wonderful bread from We had a lo a hunk of bread Now we We reach wrap in towel and Let cool reshetochki Richard says that bertone
  • 04:06: bread was a success when it issue here is a sound when tapped So I urchin see how wonderful soft and that's due to the fact that still baked NATO ceramic form here this crust Outdoor is also very but so cool Now cut see what happened s very fragrant onion smell straight do not pass see how
  • 04:39: risen dough on fragrant and perfectly tasty wheat bread