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  • 00:03: Hi I'm glad the welcome you to your kitchen essay no hands bake Easter Easter bunnies lamb skin someone to menu lamb that I went forms and washed dried in an oven at one hundred seventy
  • 00:30: degrees somewhere 10 Now I have these minutes we need to form their collect sbryzgivat possible to spread I have a brush Here is a special oil so I sprinkled sbryzgivat and sprinkle manga you can sprinkle crackers and can be sprinkle with flour
  • 01:00: I sprinkled semolina so now I make a each half and then it will gather all shape ready and put on a baking sheet and now We will make the dough for each of the molds the packaging has a recipe for a little there is even a book
  • 01:30: different recipes all recipes only identical but naturally grams I'm not the same to do first the smallest shape and then two prescription for these Great for 1 to 2 recipe for the other I have to do first one recipe to you show everyone who has forms with forms
  • 02:00: goes face accurate gram so we you need 80 grams of flour 25 gram of starch half teaspoon I take baking powder dimensional, and it is necessary ask for more softened butter 50 I kilogram his special I smashed it to quickly became
  • 02:30: room temperature send cup mixer here adds 45 grams of sugar I add vanilla extract little can add vanilla vanilla sugar that you have a pinch of salt and zest
  • 03:01: orange halves this is where the floor of tea spoon is possible do not let it fuck possible instead of peel orange zest take Lemon can be and with fresh orange or lemon rub on grater so it all whisk when the mass connect add 1 add egg egg
  • 03:36: [music] and now on the small add speed starch and flour baking powder if too thick the dough will turn out the dough it turns out that's a it is necessary to add tablespoon milk
  • 04:01: I do not add anything I shift all dough form and while I Now if on these molds knead it disperse and oven too heats and published throughout the whole form so messy
  • 04:31: me the dough should not be a liquid so that it you will not run out of all slots form here and so I fill and put endure the same only two prescription We do each form dough remembered sends the oven 180
  • 05:00: degrees and 40 minutes by He said readiness check oak 4 my Easter shapes and baked all farmers different in this I pulled out a little 30 minutes later the 40 and most just great they pulled the two still hot couple storonochku like this So they went and yes of course they We are like this here
  • 05:31: stand is not to stand putet here rovnenko cut or like this here rovnenko cut to shape how I'll cut you wish for form and knife on desired stumble Here is such a It obtained in section but now open should wait until cool hot
  • 06:02: unnecessary so that's nothing stick Here is such a lamb it turns out he has I have it until lukewarm here on the grill I bet you can see he cut it stands
  • 06:30: mold my mold grinding and oven until hot mold in the oven that it is highly so now you're the cut off of the city. you can pour the batter little Minich that's still on here
  • 07:00: within such and pull out the bunny now here and so Bunny looks like this also I put it cool down all the same
  • 07:31: cut off and opens Lamb also put let them stay She started decorating
  • 08:00: let's start lamb for him I prepared glaze here I took milk and sugar and mixed Card took three spoons milk and then add sugar powder yet to be utyrka thick glaze such eye is necessary to make it
  • 08:33: was closed because she quickly I'll dry up I type in a little bit put me tip just now this here hole you can not insert the nozzle can simply cutting down Spitz tip and decorating a point will kind here and so
  • 09:01: it turns out I continue It turns like to coat lamb continue close Pros and drink so you can make a flower for Then I took over again great bead I put
  • 09:31: and the corner of a paint reds and brush can be make a bow paint and coating glued too red beads and Ganelon and Now a little more I adorn it here I bought just such a chocolate frosting it is not necessary Can we break the
  • 10:00: I put her chocolate in the microwave slightly melted and Now we collect a little bit of glaze and I draw the glaze there already white eyes put 20 minute and throw and I take a skewer and I draw logics and that's what I happened and the back just like that
  • 10:33: how 6 I took a basket here I have the Well dyed it a wild diet zelenenky and here you can plant Our lamb Naturally it is necessary to do when he completely dry so here and impose
  • 11:03: painted eggs I melted chocolate glaze and I am now here I bunny that keeps egg egg I will do illuminated area covered with chocolate glaze whom cover with brush
  • 11:30: Total hare not be chocolate bunny of the glaze figurine will long they will stand empty down and sprinkle greenbacks or too perching on green paint the eggs and
  • 12:01: too do the eyes and Now bunny and now bang paint This grandmother is here I simply I daubed white Now glaze brush fully
  • 12:30: cargo and immediately brush you can do as a and such kucheryashki here for the rest add formidable little green paint and stir and visas paint village
  • 13:01: and now a little bit spoon to glaze can either draw a lamb I got here laid mermaids Green Red Well to decorate and here with lamb eggs and bunny here
  • 13:33: Sweets and like this here they are I will stand on the table me here place my it is possible for it put in the middle of a lamb on the sides here
  • 14:04: And so here I flowers if someone I liked this recipe I can repeat I think that your kids your guests will be happy your party skills and cook with pleasure eshki I wish health all pleasant appetite and see you soon
  • 14:31: meetings in my kitchen all while