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☕ How to Crochet a Scarf for Men #1 Easy for Beginners I The Crochet Shop Exclusive Free tutorials

☕ How to Crochet a Scarf for Men #1 Easy for Beginners I The Crochet Shop Exclusive Free tutorials  See details »

Video subtitles:
  • 00:00: [Music] hi everyone I am nano welcome to my channels across Asia in this video I'll show how to crochet fast and easy adorable crochet scarf for men with a lovely bamboo stitch you can use this stitch for anything you like let's start
  • 00:32: it first you need your selected yarn I will use a Turkish yarn alize Birkin classic you will find all informations in the description box below [Music] and a crochet hook depend on your yarn
  • 01:00: size I'll use five millimeters crochet hook and a measuring tape [Music] first I'm going to make a slipknot then you need to crochet chains multiples of
  • 01:32: two to make medium-sized scarf measuring 175 centimeters in this tutorial 175 millimeters make 240 cheese you can add more centimeters as you like then change
  • 02:00: 3 yarn over insert your hook in the fourth chain [Music] yarn over again and pull through that Chi now you have three loops on the hook
  • 02:30: pull through the last loop through the second loop then yarn over insert your hook in the same stitch yarn over and pull through now you have four loops on the hook pull the last loop on the hook through all loops on the hook now you have the first bamboo stitch then chain one skip one stitch in the next stitch
  • 03:07: make another one bamboo stitch [Music] repeat [Music]
  • 03:36: you [Music] [Music] you [Music]
  • 04:06: you [Music] repeat all the way in the last you will find two stitches
  • 04:30: [Music] [Music] skip one stitch and crochet one bamboo stitch is the last stitch [Music]
  • 05:08: to make the second row chain to turn your work in the first space make one bamboo stitch
  • 05:31: [Music] you you [Music] and gene one repeat the Sam sink all the way to the end of your spaces
  • 06:00: [Music] [Music] so I joined it to the end of the second
  • 06:32: row [Music] now you have one chain two space insert the hook below the last chain two space and make one Bombo stitch
  • 07:01: [Music] [Music] then chain two and turn your work repeat the second row as you like I will make sixteen rows in this tutorial [Music]
  • 07:32: so all you need now is repeat the second row [Music] [Music]
  • 08:01: I join it to the end of the 16 row you can repeat as you want now [Music] fast enough to finish [Music]
  • 08:49: [Music]
  • 09:04: [Music] after you fast enough your scarf is rich [Music]
  • 09:35: [Music] [Music] if you like it make sure you gives me thumbs up and subscribe to see more
  • 10:03: videos thank you for watching see you in the next video bye bye [Music] you [Music]
  • 10:45: you