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Knitting lesson. How to connect a flower by a hook with petals from a gusenichka. Irish lace.  See details »

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  • 00:00: hello I want to talk show how could Here is such a tie floret its petals connected and cord gusenichka Knitting start with center for this around your finger recruit 5 rings These samples linked from my cotton thread thin will show you on thicker strings and so take thread reserve tail so to Then it was convenient
  • 00:30: fill it in the process of knitting, around the fingers recruit 5 rings tail reserve pull petelechku and tying disclaim finger's happened a ring with Now on the tail this circle ringlet we need to tie his columns without sc tightly
  • 01:00: adjacent to each the friend tight to at each other so that they abut they can be more like this here horoshenechko
  • 01:32: pull knit farther knit pulled horoshenechko not yet very up to the end
  • 02:05: in the end can also be slightly tighten closed the ring connection
  • 02:35: ring connective loops Nichikov started tightened horoshenechko tail and now we will knit second row if this We make the air lifting loop at second row and in each loop will knit column, without sc capturing two ears loops and circular knit no
  • 03:13: I miss each petelechku District knit to the end of a number not each missing loop
  • 03:44: Now we come to the end and connection column closed the series turned Center this col. We will continue to knit such lepestochek for
  • 04:14: this we need tie cord gusenichka We do 3 air eyelets and the second loop knit column, without sc We pulled knit the work turned on clockwise and extreme resulting
  • 04:44: petelechku knit as column, without sc turned work on clockwise side we formed two abalone their provyazyvaem 1 loop and provyazyvaem column, without sc turned work on clockwise 2 formed cat
  • 05:16: on the side provyazyvaem 1 loop and provyazyvaem column, without sc turned work on clockwise two abalone on the side Knit 1 st knit a column without nakida turned work in a clockwise direction and also we continue to knit
  • 05:47: cable knit gusenichka the desired length always work pivoted only clockwise the same side Here's how it turns out clockwise
  • 06:21: character and here Now knit certain number of now we We need to work put on your face here our face and work here
  • 06:52: laterally go here these here petelechki here these here petelechki we need count the loops and that we have twelve thirteen or fourteen pieces two or three times 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 then still see turn on
  • 07:28: clockwise So knit spread on the face also believe 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 though 14
  • 08:01: knit these petelechki we believe But with this left Now we hand them going round tab for this everyone here this We introduce the hook side and pull through her five loop leaves on the hook next withdrawn
  • 08:32: hook pulled five were hooked dragged the loop Valley hook pulled out five and so the entire length this cord hook in the Valley the girl is not very drag or pull the hook so here we have to
  • 09:12: hook about to get Now these petelechki Here are all petelechki we need about the days stretch knit one loop collect them all together grab loop and neatly We pulled through petelechki stretched Now all these
  • 09:46: petelechki pulled well so that they We gathered as a whole and with seamy side cord needs to be fixed We introduce the hook in Cord beginning and connection column tether tying shnurochek Makes 2 Air release the loop
  • 10:16: hook, enter the hook in these last two ear that formed in lace We pulled through He do loop air loop another can work face collect and it's base connection column tethering strap here
  • 10:48: so it turns out, and even one connection column in the base here is one lepestochek ready for the next petals we need Here knit 3 connection columns 23 and April 4, you can continue the same
  • 11:20: knit another lepestochek To do this, we do 3 air hinges the second loop air knit column, without sc turn work clockwise grab extreme loop provyazyvaem petelechkoy and
  • 11:50: provyazyvaem column without sc turn work clockwise the edge formed two hare their provyazyvaem 1 loop and provyazyvaem two loops column, without sc turn work clockwise edge formed two hare cabinet provyazyvaem of 1 loop and
  • 12:20: provyazyvaem connective column turn work in a clockwise gun arrow 1 loop connective column in a clockwise clockwise turn grab 2 loops provyazyvaem and just knit cord we desired length
  • 12:50: knives until such time as that We on the left side Side 414 is formed loops for which we seize and twist
  • 13:20: petal here
  • 13:53: and consider how much formed just two three 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 more It can be a little bit knit so fives was 14 Now we face
  • 14:26: side and the side We believe 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 have now all these extreme petelechki we will pull through these loops Here were the hook edge pulled five Next were the hook dragged the loop
  • 14:57: They were dragged hook all five loops reserve on the hook and so before the end of this important Handle with God left sides Lace on the front side pull out these loops That's how they look
  • 15:27: like that now all loops on the hook provyazyvaem 1 loop We collect them together gently slowly through them stretch how to loop We took all these Pull tabs
  • 15:57: Now connection column enter from the inside and we close this series combined knit 3 aerial loops knit let go hook, enter the hook in the last two abalone
  • 16:27: cord that we formed on the edge and through them, and through they stretch out This loop knit air loop We put the work in face and columns connectors finish the job To do this, enter a base hook petals
  • 17:00: and knit connective column also introduce the hook in base itself knit connection column for the next petal knit 3 connective column 4 also nyash We do 3 air and also loops I continue to knit
  • 17:30: lace and gusenichka knit circle of such petals here dovyazali through and some have turned floret knit all petals gusenichka remains only Now tuck tails gypsy needle let's knit together