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  • 00:00: Hello, friends my name is Michael and again I welcome you on the hard channel earlier in one of videos I showed how manufacture universal milling compasses which is suitable absolutely to all miller but viewers lamented the fact that metalworking is very difficult and not all have conditions for of such a yes, I'm with you fully agree and that's the connection with this today's video
  • 00:30: will be devoted to how to make milling compasses from the tree it will not be they are universal will be specially do it exactly universal suitable for all cruiser but we we make it literally within minutes and we make it out of scraps here I have for example after fabrication kit chopping boards remained this Here is a plot before all you need be defined as what kind of milling machine are we do the compasses I will do the compasses here this mill 1010 he has his own rod not very good they short therefore I found other bars This axis and they are much
  • 01:01: longer than native diameter of all with half millimeters they are us now it will take in order to make the right markup the first thing I I will do it for the fact that wears here we need sharp top and it It was enough to do 90 degrees I'll do it alone usually ground circle in order to correctly sharpen cone at the end of the rod we naturally you will need you will need a sharpener screwdriver which we we will twist this the bar and need here is a couple primitive with ditch we here we lay the bar rotate we start tachills are sharpened
  • 01:31: here we turn attention to the fact that the winepress will be rotate with me in this side and accordingly, I must fail the bar so that y my direction was counter after the bars sharpened you can embark on markup for this we need pressure establish outer surface and install we now take the bars bar
  • 02:02: also put on surface and simply press into result received two marks and here at we will have a hole by itself that hole we will drill accurately the same diameter what diameter do we have barbell but since this is a wood drill such nonstandard sizes 7 splines millimeters to find It is difficult and drill bit re-sharpen meaning then I will drill bit metal drills by metal they have such property a little run away so we will drill first pilot hole and then already disperse
  • 02:32: drill pilot hole make a drill diameter 3 millimeters is a drill center in order to do not drill even flunk necessary take advantage mirror as mirror I'm using disk from a hard drive I apply very much it is convenient use because looking at reflection I can focus on perpendicularity surface drills now i put
  • 03:06: drill with diameter 70 millimeters and drill hole also I use a mirror check here is included very close personal this is so and should now to us
  • 03:42: two bolt I took the bolts m6 you can take any others see that the bolts with cunning hats of them just an article for that it was easier sink them a little if you see the washers and lambs given situation if it is necessary to drill hole for that to be recessed hat first drill a hole under hat and then already drill a hole under the bolt body if then do the opposite drill bit required seize the amount of material and you downloaded get
  • 04:12: uncontrollable boring First I take a drill bit 10 millimeters in unfortunately under the bonnet and now with the help of 6 millimeter drill bits will drill right through and through I use a mirror as you already understood this
  • 04:43: there will be coupling bolts but that was what pull together make slots slits will be naturally pass through the center holes do markup and now show another little trick but if we start cutting here directly just a jigsaw then of course we have see what firing does not get sufficient sufficient support for to do smooth cut before all we need will be fasten workpiece now use
  • 05:13: additional pillar you can of course here insert counter how many dashes but a lot many jigsaws how many liners are simply not bowline and we will use this support on the front ear flaps and mandatory cross and holes and propilit still though would be centimeter one and a half two see that nothing fails and all works well Compasses are practically
  • 05:54: ready at will you can shorten it these protruding parts in order to slightly reduce its dimensions and now remains only drill this central hole that an axis will be inserted I do this for example a drill with a diameter of 3 millimeters well tighten and now have us here is not something that does not pulls out and and
  • 06:24: even scroll can not be inserted second and so let's let's see what we have the rod is already fixed and now remains only install it all case in the mill is no we tighten the all that's left for us only to score led in the nail holes for example , or establish some kind of washing can be quite milling such a compasses as you see becomes literal sense for a few minutes he is very universal very functional and provide very good rigidity
  • 06:54: but too primitive and therefore we need to do probably i think micro-tuning and do as in the case with universal milling cutter do not circulate here additional the sole for so that you can mill small hole I will remind you that for milling small diameters need ensure that pin passing under the sole accordingly here there will also be a corner plate with hole this is the sole
  • 07:25: will allow to milling hole is less than diameter of the sole Countersinks are needed for so that here hid the hat screw or you can do here the insertion pin and from here fix it screw respectively the pin must be reply part internal thread now I will do two groove and everything can be Consider that this the sole is ready fasten the plate to the it is easy for this you need to drill two holes here pickle place under laying of nuts and principle simply draw in the following way
  • 07:57: caps with hexagon but I have done here yet additionally slits because it's more convenient to twist screwdriver all nuts completely retracted and remained there on is dead and now you can will consolidate movable plate I installed the plate
  • 08:32: and you see that her bottom plane coincides with plane with grandmother but this provision wrong as you remember us grandmother's plane this is the downside coincides with a plane with a sole milling cutter and plate metal should to go under the sole therefore the upper part should be equal to lower weaken the screw and a little more sole solely visually look here this position of the sole is correct do not let's check
  • 09:02: plate goes under soles and without forming there are no slots here fits tightly respectively milling with us will be produced without errors if we provide a milling machine extreme position is you can see which us radius milling here center is the center of the mill accordingly here as you understand can be used a cutter that does not will cling to the edge if the cutter is have a larger diameter then respectively
  • 09:32: will need a little bit it is a matter of pushing Well, that 's literally per hour of work we got wonderful very functional milling compasses and this compass very versatile although it does not fit only for this prize-winner but not less here through it hole we can mill circumference of small radius through this great radius by me respectively you see that range radii can be very big but if the long rod not enough then this one
  • 10:02: part can be reverse side and added yet here it is here distance between centers, that is, in this side yet additional plus is that the bar is not must stick around with this hand sometimes you need to milling close some wall or an object and then we can rods reestablish so the level of decline their own so that they do not They stuck out and they will act with another hand from the circus is also very large plus however for all amenities and all The pluses of this feeder there is still a circulation he has one very
  • 10:32: big minus very it is not convenient to expose accurately customized radius and now we are Let's get busy we will make a micro adjust the principle building node micro construction will absolutely the same as in any the standard version that is, we will have yet here is the accuracy the same grandmother only it will be hole for the rod and additional hole for adjusting screw screw naturally we take m6 because he has a thread pitch is equal to 1 millimeter here wines which we will establish us will need to of course with hold it some manipulations if you do not have one
  • 11:02: a long bolt take a piece of hairpin principle of manufacturing 2 grandmothers absolutely the same as for manufacture of 1 part and plus we can use this first attempt instead of the conductor we are now add two workpiece and drill we already get exactly hole as in direction and location instructions it needs in order to exclude offset details of each relative to a friend and now very carefully I drill through Available Holes
  • 11:32: I draw attention to the fact that cogs must be let go so that we there was no clamp her and do not gouge that this is already available hole the
  • 12:03: Ready but now one manipulation of the matter in the fact that she walks quite dense even if it is released a if there are two the pads are probably steal will be easy so unrealistic now with the help of this very bar I will be a little bit scroll and a little bit sand internal surface now I will turn on screwdriver and I will gradually and tighten the thumbscrew after his let go of this bar will be inside holes to walk pretty easy naturally
  • 12:33: twist and they completely only slightly compressed but now sabotage grandmother on the bar enters very freely the same time if I completely delaying sneak or just it's not real here yet enter the remains a small broom too manipulation now we will do with the first grandmother here I am putting two and between the Lord Himself and free at last
  • 13:04: basic work with tree finished and time to move on to metalworking but about it we with you we will talk in the next parts of but on this I am with you say goodbye, do not forget rate video subscribe to I'll see the channel in the second part