How to Grow up the Beijing Cabbage and the Celery Quickly.  See details »

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  • 00:00: Hello dear gardeners and friends gardeners again I've met barely I have it on the channel you Whether in the garden the garden I want this today subject is very enough interesting touch but we are all with you housewives and even want probably is remnants of expression sweet thing is that now just course not real to apartment to grow Now a Beijing cabbage but we can not do not can make even teuco who it is not a vegetable garden
  • 00:30: and this summer problematically make and grow a cabbage and all still want its winter the same thing I want to say But about celery pro stemmed celery but of course I did, too, I am not raised myself because I I say, let the truth look in his eyes but Now it is impossible to it grow here a celery as well, it would be desirable all the same green and want something quickly quickly to I grew up here and I want to offer here is one
  • 01:01: very interesting the way I found him Or rather not even I am the daughter I found on the Internet and Mam says, Look how interesting eaten Chinese cabbage ate angry and celery and he it continues to grow we have him give I think a second life but why not I I decided to to experiment and now I'll show you that from this I got I did it all now! I will tell you I detail here I am prepared cups cups it can
  • 01:31: we have a lid can simply close Beer glasses for a half-liter is not Here it can be the words of the new package there to create the first , the greenhouse the effect on the bottom I spread ground vermiculite top nourishing soil that is vermiculite will serve drainage to the Drina our plants, and at the However, it will give extra moisture our plants So I prepared these two glasses we are with you cut off carrot pate
  • 02:02: black, and she It gives a great greenery we cut you in crown at 6 beet this is it makes us happy beautiful greens and can be used salads and all the same what no vitamins and now I'll show you how I was doing with chinese cabbage that is of course right you do not cut it usually but for you I course already show it all cut off as well we usually torn off We eat leaves but not
  • 02:32: hurry to cut You understand what we have when we see Beijing cabbage leaves us so here we are torn off just tears here do not cut and severing that we remained as it is such a couture so I do next But whether we Chinese cabbage but and remains there already and absolutely will mizerda speak we take here so here's a knife not close but so
  • 03:02: little leaves take and cut your cobs But if you look carefully here see the center's here here here will continue then leaves growth what I do then I I take and put cup like this pressing down to earth Now it's our will speak cobs then what should we I make the way here
  • 03:32: I want you recommend here straight fixed price I bought pretty well I poured hall and here in a salt shaker if I need something or zemlyanichku powder mildew but you never know it happened or something else I'm I use here such interior points that we We make sure this is how we our powder slice ash so we did not have mold sprinkled here since the mine shut cover everything that our
  • 04:02: shoots you eat salad and couture Of course there will be less and that's not it fill glass 5 I'm not this principle be a flower pot celery and doing absolutely and that we do well here Celery can be directly not wait because that leaves you very You know such a very net and we can traumatize stalk so you it immediately cut so here we are and
  • 04:32: we cut it all then remove to pack refrigerated temple if we eat look carefully here Here you can see the middle then we see here germ leaves and again take our celery put in a glass like so slightly presses you see here's good well I turned the gap have watered more convenient still need to a small gap and was again powder
  • 05:02: necessarily ash so we did not have no mold here all means close cap from the ground I had wet however this moisture enough to germinate our rostochku and send on the window sill with our you celery and our Chinese cabbage and forward when the Potions will if see you see Chinese cabbage
  • 05:32: I set off again rooted Of course you should to understand that such a what you do not grow but used for both lettuce leaves and just nibble I come to nibble I think why not? if we are see you see have any roots again that is, a second life Chinese cabbage here so I have it sitting here in this jar yet just now and so covered But in cap Kryzhko done
  • 06:02: hole for that did not happen this decay napa cabbage and Now I'll show you celery if the time you carefully look closely but he can see is still very little because I literally it I have done well, just here a few days can three days here and so You see but one can already see Now here they went green leaves that There is a green that then we'll be with you use the same as the expression to nibble Here's a tip for
  • 06:32: thrifty housewives which want eat their greens grown up eating on the window sill and why not with you I was Julia from the channel in the garden Whether in the garden until