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Whether it is possible to marry on divorced (to marry divorced)? What tells Church?  See details »

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  • 00:00: from the point of view of the church get married and to marry divorced because there are situations different people are in first marriage even were not crowned and this is considered as Well, this is a mistake
  • 00:30: sinning them that union with Orthodox church and of course if they create a new marriage and are crowned then this marriage is considered priority construction in order who was before him Another thing is that now often happen such situations when and in the first marriage married diverged and then decided in the second marry this certainly more a difficult question here It is also necessary to go to the diocese is there certain days when such consider the case and write a petition
  • 01:00: lord to be accepted what it the decision is therefore first marriage as it is considered failed and not Well, usually there the wording is you are removed church marriage blessing but this is again necessary reasonably prove that there something happened and dota for what reasons can be recognized church marriage canceled 3 not church marriage but above all on change of one of spouses have a reason
  • 01:30: such as hidden diseases that impede marriage e.g. epilepsy other diseases there often are asleep some there are diseases that do not allow fully to make a marriage here this is one of the reasons for which the marriage is annulled new is already allowed enter into a new church marriage so there is no so categorical also the point of view that it is impossible and all is all is considered in specific
  • 02:00: case specifically individual situation in each rights