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Lyubov Zibrova. Seedling in paper cups and not only \/ Seedlings in paper cups and not only  See details »




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  • 00:00: this year seedlings I
  • 00:31: transplanted into different capacity is containers with cassettes and just containers land and plastic cups and how See here are some paper they me I really like Every year some amount transplants were transplanted paper cups for the dog I I use the usual consumer paper and also use a little more not the rivers that I have one side of it used with another hand clean as template for cups
  • 01:01: I use the usual Here is a varnish varnish for hair and this is it the bottom is the most important thing must be concave very convenient then form the bottom of a cup height I measured 10 centimeters cups I have you from 10 centimeters well, to the reactor accordingly this shell y I'm doing this kind of race how many here centimeters can to be five I do it to the eye oh this is mine there will be an upper part
  • 01:31: all bent deployed from put the can respectively The dash I have I I am equal to it here so applied and quickly twisted densely it is not necessary that then hard take a glass all and most importantly first thing is necessary wrapped do this seam but with a stack These sheets are like this play once with us and everything due to the fact that in
  • 02:01: concave bottom well formed in I do not have a glass now look easy all strong are not down strong not tape but I do not they walk beautifully the most the main thing is to give and yours and they somehow would it is inside that they stuck out did not interfere with everything then when the earth they pour very much well worth here and filling the earth
  • 02:46: all very quickly and just hearts I compact as you can see cup set I perfectly set its a little uneven can be hand trim and the following cups I I use for seedlings for many years and they never did not fail but so as it is very many new methods I want everything try it but everything but this way
  • 03:17: paper cups I still use let not one hundred percent of the cups these do not fall apart but it's natural when they only you poured they are wet their desirable extra just do not touch me today I will be in such cups dive this one variety of tomatoes