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  • 00:00: Hello welcome to the new tutorial crafts for all Today we will make a shoe for forza materials that we need rubber eva color erotic scissors unicel 5 and 3 Kater earlier this year one
  • 00:31: marker or down the mold base to support blindly silicone Hot and iron Let's start took the beanbag No. 5 tennis and cut the half we will do the same with the beanbag number 3 Once this is done we will trim an
  • 01:05: tajadita each stockings balls in this way and we will stick meanwhile commented that receipt many requests that in his commentary ordering make this video below like and preparing a tutorial most requested manualidad Now let's move to place the first eva rubber layer heat the rubber based color is the color that would
  • 01:35: to be the means of date once hot pressed him down and This way we will do not form let's move to stick and short lengths and finally dried silicone hot fast so we keep a few seconds with a finger
  • 02:13: in this way and once you're stuck let's move to cut surplus would we match us in this way we move to trim the edge of sneaker We will do this in another piece of rubber eva which may be the same or
  • 02:44: different color on peace and white Dating then he tells blank again we cut the mold along the edge of this way and let's move on to heat it with Grilled few seconds and once hot we take it out and we will support on the talk already paid we are going to shape trying to do it
  • 03:14: slower or faster as the mold It was recooled and took longer formed one that did this will not pass paste we accommodating what would be the fatal around pelotitas where it is always a bit bigger
  • 03:48: so we have to cut flanges in this case also the Tongue is quite long and more Later we will cut we match the base and had to work in this case the red
  • 04:19: let's cut a strip which we to burst and let's put around the base of hepatitis let's see splurged a bit once hot and started putting glue around like we are on the side of behind the forward trains We do as soon as possible
  • 04:50: If we can cut a medium circle yesterday at border the shoe as part of the design still we are waiting we reach the end already we can cut
  • 05:24: the edges or the excess base Now we can work a bit with the pen and make the trend with seams pointed this way Free trying to follow perhaps some some known line or slippers according to the imagination Based going to cut a rectangle of size of a shoe will paste
  • 05:55: the leg above the rectangle and Once this is done we will cut surplus shaping ducky again downward Now we can work a little with the tongue of the shoe to cut the necessary action and round we do seams once this bend tab
  • 06:26: out and a drop of silicone hot glue let him glued to this openly out and continue improving Now let's do the laces after According need to pull finite of about 1 meter and a half and instant glue
  • 07:00: We place a drop of one place to another where they have avoided the laces We say it and then to finish by where it leaves the cord put a
  • 07:31: Droplet glue on what would be the edge we have a few seconds, stay but we can play and give some kind of reform or if I had a little freaked or fallen on the pin We will not do with lace other side in this way it would be completed
  • 08:20: our artists for the future 8a they can also be seen already in the muñequito I hope you liked See you at the next annuity