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  • 00:00: Good day dear viewers channel plants and around today we are with you talk about what do with crocuses if you gave them or you bought them because they were they are very beautiful beautiful bloom green the foliage was a nice little but the highlight It happens at the end all here is crocus is a primrose and naturally departs he quickly bulbs earth for some time yet
  • 00:30: holding green leaf but literally pots a month or two the leaves are already starting breathe and become a in dry interior and yet what to do not throw it option course throw most I'm sorry but we can prolong their lives The fact that meanwhile bulbs grows, it loses Of course what that force place until it blooms but during the rest here Now bulb already He begins to gain some power and
  • 01:00: To Now suspend pro with the most growth bulbs and give it rest period simply need to pull them out of the pot and crop dry leaves as done is done very simple shark racing pulled out bulbs and Now in this way cleared the land here
  • 01:32: Now we even have little chive but we place until leave until the next but this season onion on a large but leaves srezhu we turned it leave and therefore I I will lay them
  • 02:03: box to dry As you can see bulbs enough wet but it does not have OK Manga is that they It was completely dry during the period peace here we are still people and Povarenkov bulbs I also put on dry we have a very pretty formed two bulbs have such
  • 02:33: fairly large systems are not already in next year in mind will give the truth to one only 3. but would still Blooms will be no while I do not separate them of older adults bulb the same spread on dry there will be much easier because as a matter of fact
  • 03:04: I was supposed to land be dry just someone did not help He poured crocuses what the bulbs Well, as already separated you see adult bulb old she He gave already enough children but this I see the color of the bulb so to her about children I'll take it to appear
  • 03:34: He does not want to have leave and little treat intersperse fundazol fundazol I prisyplyu already fully when all the bulbs laid out hand chive crocus is considered mature when it covered Here is such a brown scales pokamist young bulbs it scales
  • 04:04: but they do not have separated already well so some of the I separate them some I dismiss old bulbs some business thing most importantly do not forget about is that these box bulbs necessarily need will put in cool place quite dark there they quietly parcel and it will remain
  • 04:34: It may be attic if it is cool enough it can be buried under you that if he does not very raw if there is damp better course bulbs there store is not just simply look those bulbs kids which negate themselves from adult bulbs you can also safely cool dry it It means that they have already
  • 05:05: ready to order live independently life and even if root very long you then you can safely have it crop next year the plant will have this new root use and service so that less opening was you can safely and cut portions last pot and forget about it when you bet on dry
  • 05:35: bulb when it going get them out pots you not necessarily need water pot before few days or weeks and I will just unlucky die Baska Voda There is water and in general the best course is to do when the earth dry firstly it is more convenient and your hands are cleaner Well and secondly all still under attention box will be much
  • 06:07: less if there is not hit the water with the bulbs here do not have to fully children separated because that we bulbs We see press cure I do not want it and will not onion enough impressed I was treated only children But attempts
  • 06:39: and now I splash of the sprayer solution fundazol These bulbs box then According to the good dried and put cool place for land more precisely it will not it will be wintering summer but in the area the month of November I have them already planted land soon all it will not be pots
  • 07:09: open ground and these spring crocuses and will come out pleasing to the eye already land they have cats all the best see legs