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  • 00:00: Hello dear friends with you i Tatyana Vasilyeva and my kitchen garden where everything It grows and has reached turn up to onions blackies from March 1 you can proceed landing onion seedlings few they decide to plant an onion from seeds can it seems that this very troublesome for in fact, if you know some features cultivation of onions seeds does not cause special problems teachers that we have rather short summer our suburbs Seed snail better it is better to grow
  • 00:30: seedlings but you can immediately put in the soil in this case it grows smaller but it's good suitable for greens on next year, well, those what can be to put on a turnip a when growing seedlings receive complete bulb I have an opportunity plant such varieties which are not for sale in the store to me order hit that stuttgart breezes I want to look at something new I'm here several years already in a row, plant two these beautiful Sultan wrestler or soul perhaps the most difficult
  • 01:02: when growing onions this is to force this onion to germinate too the seeds are very dense and he is very bad rises but before do this onions it is necessary to look here this fighter after all he green, that is, he already pre- processed this bow is not needed soak just disintegrated by surface of the earth a here this bow he is not processed therefore it is better to germinate it what am I doing here in this in this 3 a cloud tighten the nodule and put this bow on several
  • 01:32: varieties are also convenient rags with different thread and put hot water 60 degrees that is I flooded with water 60 degrees and I have this the bow is well of course he the water cools quickly cools and what I'm doing just I'm pouring out a little cold water and for three Here are the utensils and the share hot well, so undeveloped no more is this bow I have two days after this I have it 1 h that is, it's enough then
  • 02:03: normally it will germinate did for you small but approximate You need to take a calculation you then increase the the right proportions you need to take a liter a jar of boiling water to this bank to add a floor liter water can room temperatures water temperature I took 24 degrees and you will get one and a half liter of water at temperature 59 degrees if you are take water from the tap I
  • 02:33: looked what temperature from the tap shaft 17 degrees then you to a liter jar boiling water add 250 milliliters of water at temperature 17 degrees and you water is obtained temperature 61 degrees this is just what we need I need and now I took a bigger bank the water has not cooled down for a long time
  • 03:03: put his nodule seeds you cover with a cap for the whole period two days I will change but only three times that but there are enough it will cost two of the day my bow is on me tell how I planted this onion then is as always sifted earth is I consider mandatory condition the land must be sifted then everything is fine fine amicably rise sifted earth next I'm in the wet Of course the land is on
  • 03:33: I scatter without any risks simply crumbled rows planted here that's not a row indifference scattering this bow to surface and top sprinkle thin a layer of earth is sprinkled a thin layer of earth pressed down with my palm and all for the first time closing a short cover or plastic bag until they are about 1 I'll make sure it was the earth is wet and that's it. when he grows up will sprout quite amicably rise here
  • 04:04: note cover you sure i I 'm putting down already on this box he does not afraid of particularly cold weather so its on the window sill he quietly growing you see here feet it fell down I we not specifically turned so he stood as one onion position fell into this side therefore all plants in general need periodically turn over there he stood there three days in one position he turned over and he then the onion grows rovnenkim and that's what interesting that good was good turned seedlings onions need meetings about this
  • 04:34: many say it and I nothing new here I will not open it that I 'm making apples shear is often not two times as they say 12 near you often shooting and it turns out good mercury here as soon as she begins to bend tips I and so on and so on. tonsure from all in a row and he has me it turns out krepenky here I am shears that is not you will cut the bow it s tronic suffer from normally it will be well here's the shelling a little bit later what and through some
  • 05:04: time to cut again when he will be explicitly for two and tips bend even 30 should stand like this with a brush of his own will be taken Well, yes, shooting which has not reached he straightened and will be exactly the same that is, if onions are brewed I'll start to cut us that is, that's all quietly growing and waiting for his time when we plant it I will show the earth more like me this do but night out boxes here you are paid attention to that on the box from me here there is no to it I
  • 05:34: just a needle with thread passed and for to note what kind of onion is here very convenient because that here paper that I paste the painting tape it sometimes it is unstuck therefore I've just decided sew it all up quickly and simply that do next I laid the ground in box and here we are and so I need a sponge I reverse side her sponge is like this I'm very comfortable so that the seeds have risen exactly amicably otherwise, not some
  • 06:04: it's lower down there some cut and water them for pulling down therefore sponge ground crush it very much well after that water this land I water with water hot water but to whom want it is possible finger with boiling water now everything is fashionable pour boiling water over here I water hot water can be said that something that boiled water and when the water is absorbed I sprinkle seeds in any order you can spill out
  • 06:34: can be done grooves right now I I'll show you how I'm doing grooves that is differently in Russian of course previously such me a triangle just convenient and here so did the little ones grooves somewhere through four centimeters in three it is possible and in Borovsk plant here I will speak here did everything well, well then we will bring everything in order after that pour a thin layer land but somewhere centimeter 2 not more I sprinkle the earth the same
  • 07:06: the sponge and level up but the same for beauty all I do not water on top the same land is watered good and top layer too, it will be impregnated will get wet after that I will close the box can be hung cellophane and put can I have a hat for a big shower shoe covers are missing so the cap for the soul receives the most then put in a warm Well, not on the battery all the same on the battery I
  • 07:37: I'm afraid that they can weld a root because it's hot but put in a warm place next to battery just put But not on the battery we all waiting when the onions I will not sprout was at hand ducks of the required depth a look here white I want I took a bottle of two liters Here's the elastic band for to smoothly cut off edge leave 16 16 centimeters depth I I think enough and in soot bow seems to me in
  • 08:07: In this way, something there because great depth instead of small it will take a the most important thing is that I in the summer I will cut the bottom and calmly you push this bow and then already I will disassemble it for separate part then I have now Sasha this bow look what it will come out of this here is a bow grown me last year for my good and I'm with you say goodbye to this I wish you good and see you soon