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Looney tasty smetanny berries pie (Sour creampie with berries  See details »




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  • 00:00: Good day dear my audience subscribers today We will prepare very tasty pie sour cream with berries I yes yes and take any what you have will still delicious with any berries home drinking tea this is what we need let's get down to
  • 00:30: cake cooking need 2 cups flour cup sugar and half glass vegetable oil cup sour cream on large or three small eggs 2 teaspoons spoon of baking powder fanatically vanilla sugar and berries here I redcurrant 200 grams and 300 black currant she married
  • 01:00: fresh berries there is better tablespoon starch for a number of pinch of salt everything is done quickly immediately turn the oven will a first whip business eggs in sugar add sugar glass vanilla sugar salt And do not forget a pinch whisk whipped egg mass brightened Now increased
  • 01:30: add sour cream vegetable oil I measured out the flour 2 cups understand will be somewhere half glass here all 2 teaspoons baking powder spoon shuffled See more dough you can add flour embroider I prepared
  • 02:01: diameter 26 form centimeters carpeted parchment paper greased with margarine or sides of the call margarine here is the dough turned out at I have half of the dough into take out the form distributed
  • 02:35: black currant from my evening together I add floor dining room spoon of starch not allowed on the dough and most of the berries distribute
  • 03:05: surface hand better berries large berries can place any of which you have raspberries strawberries currants that you have to eat apples though it's all apples depends on your taste and the fact that You have a presence
  • 03:35: Now the rest part of the test spread We distribute the dough for the surface of the red currants, too mixed with starch mixed and the currants stacked on surface already I yes yes a little
  • 04:11: dent test will bake oven temperature Degrees 180 200 35 40 50 persuade them how we will succeed check wood I took a toothpick cake from the oven It took 50 minutes dry stick from He pulled from the mold
  • 04:41: lifted down and a plate First cool strew sugar here buy at aliekspress step 10 whether the check ok here and kept my powder and then one wakes up strainer and decorated patty here such handsome we get it now
  • 05:11: look at the section you will strengthen our pie I'll tell you currant I behaved well 1 thought all razlezetsya the dough no see all Everything is fine propeklos all ok but now the most basic try the pie delicious
  • 05:51: very tasty air soft cake on something I tart currant red and black itself pie dough and sweet it simply filling amazing recipe prepared advise leave go with me on my channel eat pleasant all appetite cook with good mood let you all always
  • 06:21: get a very and well before the new meetings to new video and all of you good