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How to adjust an overlok and how to sew jersey  See details »



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  • 00:00: let's begin with design most household and overlock chamber varnishes are very similar in order to go put full-time seam on knit you just need to put another igloo so you better seen as I do I realized the new knife
  • 00:30: understand it is not necessary and you get up cog is pulled only fill thread as you can see from the I have all the turns different color is We need to make detailed width adjustment stitches and tension thread course you I need some tissues with which you sew I actually knitted
  • 01:00: I will sew pretty thick and the fish are not wool jersey therefore setting I produce on the same fabric makes trial grind line two rag and consider attentively adjusting the line try to remember where in the pen some thread is it will help you in regulate the future
  • 01:30: thread tension without filling different colors other than a you need something to do with so that the seam is stretched we can change foot pressure Like however I have always Like the value and worth differential that is, the rise toothed rack teeth that move the fabric under the foot it handle right I player 07
  • 02:02: and left the norm I try again not bad but it is necessary make shorter stitch it's the same right handle when I need I can reduce and the stitch width moves the pen width knife and is on at working surface right panel change the value
  • 02:34: Four stands and I put three perhaps I pull more and looper thread blue beautiful little blue more in my opinion adjustment We now obtain you can redirect and
  • 03:05: felt or cover the forehead thread the desired color I remind you of how it do prune thread to which produced setting and bind them the AI desired color necessarily the same different thickness have again tinker strings attached tails nodules cut to May 3
  • 03:35: millimeters gone slowly we reach the place where nodules are in cut off most of the needles and dressed with a needle re all ends thread and print a shop, and from you in this know check our
  • 04:05: setting again and you can sew Next time may have to tell you how mix jersey and today still waiting your content comments and likes you had faith Olkhovskaya soon I'll see you until