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  • 00:00: kimchi dish without which can not live any Korean proven that it slows aging improves skin and It is considered to be low high-calorie food Today we will prepare kimchi winter varieties Beijing cabbage and cook in between November December and for the future store all winter Prepare the vegetables and spice exact recipe you can be found at the bottom by video I think the hardest in the regions of Russia find fish sauce you You see it on the screen bottle
  • 00:30: if not then do not add not yet included in the recipe salty little shrimp in Korean It called descend if you can it still get the Put the sauce instead of salt is give kimchi unique taste taste of real Korean cuisine cooking takes three stages of the first stage salting divide Chinese cabbage on four parts making incisions in base to break handed over to left whole
  • 01:00: sheets Pour water deep container add the salt the other half Leave to send leaves one shaking then dip into the water each leaf cabbage sprinkle with salt and Lay cut up in salt water for salting the best
  • 01:39: take a large salt each hour change places to cabbages they are better and evenly prosolilis 3-4 hours cabbage should about salted bad about Pickles sheet with harsh bent and torn If the elastic sheet then your cabbage prosolilas then rinse Beijing cabbage cold water 2-3 times to try if salt cabbage too salty promote again cold water Lay cut down on
  • 02:09: a sieve and let drain next stage sauce preparation It is the most important part of this Put the pan with water on fire Additives rice flour stir until Boiling remove the fire, add sugar Red powder salt pepper pepper portion can if you increase I enjoy witty then need chop all the vegetables remove seeds red bell pepper also remove the seeds of Pear and apple all vegetables and fruits
  • 02:39: peel if not from fresh add dry ginger instead of the pear can be put another apple accurate all recipes ingredients you can be found below a video pear apple Bulgarian pepper garlic and ginger fish sauce grind in a blender daikon radish
  • 03:17: peel and chop strips also cut chives or Workshop length 3-4 centimeter Minari it herbaceous plants of Russian It called Water Dropwort recumbent very useful for liver and stomach if you do not have this herb it's okay mix chopped vegetables with crushed fruit and pepper
  • 03:48: mixture Our sauce is ready to tab 3 cut solid bars Cochin take comfortable
  • 04:19: container and fill with cabbage a promazhte first three layer then turn the cabbage as shown in the video and have to be sauce back side of the sheet Koreans this stage pay huge attention because correct installation chopped vegetables give kimchi
  • 04:50: unrepeatable appetizing look at Serve Again turn the cabbage fold last leaf and gently I turn to all and place in a tightly container you
  • 05:21: a allow to stand cool place three or four days at the expense of various fermentation fruits and vegetables is a traditional dish rich lactic bacteria
  • 05:51: vitamins minerals and other nutrients Slice and serve so pleasant to appetite I wish you health and longevity