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  • 00:00: [music] [music] hi guys and girls are also their parents with you channel off road and we begin and so guys that wanted to tell today cooking another interesting he told me the nozzles this nozzle is one
  • 00:30: old fisherman of mine good friend is like this he would have been there for 80 years I sometimes stick to different issues inquiries interrogations that yes how why will I tell you how are you young I caught what you had priority was not so much to these attractants of different there were not different private bait baits there as now I will fish now if it's not cool that nothing to do at all if you do not mix us a bunch of sugar and other things
  • 01:00: total-total-total syrups, she too will not peck before this was not my friends want me learn how people caught 60 70 years ago what they used and what nozzles they have were the next the recipe does not seem prescription is worth being me I think our time is he all is well zarekomenduet on to my mind looking at th tuba prescription I like too could not see something it was similar but
  • 01:30: this is not exactly true and so who is interested remains on channel I'll show you who no goodbye and so that friends are less text more business what do we need for we take a piece take the black bread a piece of white bread both conventional button I do not have if me thick fit white thick what we do well, as always we separate from the crust black bread i guys
  • 02:00: I do not go fishing for it nozzle in the spring I I will show by accelerated feet I love the video there where there is a bait attachment bait it all there I felt the pickle quickly and efficiently take the bread black tear off the crust here with such a thing we live on small pieces as we did from manki as well as made from potatoes but it's completely different recipe now we take white bread is mixed in black
  • 02:32: also we only need crumb we do not need We take a crust only The crumb has now taken a crumb on the shredded on shredded about me I think you can do one-to-one friends too, everything by sight is not present no proportions there one quarter white one second black on eye guys ppf all mixed up view the white there a lot of flipped or there is a black additive
  • 03:02: kinder shorter you can experiment i for now it's like this Here is such a coma sorry for this kind of thing it turns dry on I need bread to be fresh he does not fresh Well, okay, that we take the guys further next we take moment further we take mountains Here is such a pea it crushed here well and how you've already seen one but
  • 03:35: video of me called what they create or professionals and they are professionals they this pea the day is soaked then cook a half-day then four days there cool in rags we go differently take peas on accelerated if we leave there an hour later for fishing urgently called you go you go do it anything and that I wait it all I'm here pea welded tomorrow Will cool down the day after tomorrow it will be ready do not need 21 years on the mass of these
  • 04:05: pieces develops cafe brain this peas take a pour in coffee grinder we grind it I gave you the powder now look inserts a coffee grinder paste close cover we put in a moisture snare in our country here everything is girlfriend click on the button we grind but that friends are minutes a
  • 04:38: it is possible still hardly all i think enough and so with sockets are like this turned out to be a powder here is our pea we are it was crushed pour out a glass all my you slept a glass now what
  • 05:08: we type here water put in microwave oven he is literally behind us two or three minutes will turn into such a thing as a dough and we do it all business then continue mix and so on okay look pour I friends in a glass of water put microwave is on 800 watts literally two minutes poured water on you on floor centimeter higher
  • 05:39: our peas are all mix it to here and put Microwave two minutes of my we'll get a cook Let's see what our the most little girl is going on pea and we will continue to work on the course of the play see all the guys literally there probably three minutes ours mastyrka pea is still hot on and sometimes of course so that it cools down now I'm taking it out in a plate with this cup
  • 06:09: Well, it turns out I'm at it for a minute grinder grinded three minutes she is with us was in the microwave there rumbles can hardly less business in what five minutes the garden is not ready It is necessary to soak soak we take our bread black with white and add to this pea dough so so not then friends
  • 06:39: it's all a matter mix [music] here so now she still very hot I will wait a little cooled down now we will take hands not will bake to the hand can be lubricated sunflower oil I I'll make it all A thing for me is not also stuck I'll draw your attention there is a mountain of your flakes I think, too, in the water soak will not mix too good thing and there is
  • 07:11: it's still so heavy that's also how I like flakes are yellow let's also be excellent smell do one with peas one with maize I think the whole white fish mined our friends are friends there is one big minus this very minus is not I like to tell you this is for this attachment you do not have time for predatory fish to hit friends да хищник такой guest
  • 07:41: it's all white fish carp crucian amor le roach bream boldin then you them nozzles so that friends are any white the fish will be pretty and so now I will smear hands and continue all guys lubricating their hands mastyrka is our hot nothing now we are so portions slightly monster sunglasses dolls
  • 08:11: corn burn pea bit Whether it's a piece of bread we disturb all our friends I will not be all this bunch It takes me to interfere in it's a lot of time i here is a slice of it took because of the fishing I told you I'm not going right now. we have the end of January ahead of February and closer probably by May April-May we will begin them test it with a miracle
  • 08:41: but for now the guys are just I show cooking method how would people told me staff I consulted how would I like a friend told this cooking method says that he is youth in his time very good at it I was fishing but I consulted with others fishermen asked how do you think this recipe does not fire evict everyone saying cool thing
  • 09:11: it is really necessary all components who love fish and peas and white bread and black bread is obtained wonderful consonant great setchik that's friends Well there is one minus here here I got this one black bread he buginsky see very he is not so sticky there is such a gray bread when we have it fresh generally as power of ren
  • 09:42: mix it with fresh it will be a loaf bomb but this one dry plus toast dry of course viscosity gave little guys can of course take sunflower add oil here make it more do you know the soft day until it is done I 'll tell you before do it for the first time life is such a recipe of course with time when will i do
  • 10:12: its there 5 6 times I already I will know everything subtleties of all tricks where to add well as they say I do not want show already a material you want show you what it is waiting when you will the first time to do it here, study on my There are no mistakes learn from their lo Well, the smell, as it were , bread and peas normal try balloon roll well like friends are riding
  • 10:42: watch Katal I the ball is normal now I'll try again of course Borodino bread feelings it gives about I do not know who the guys are ride a normal balloons so I'll tell you all okay you can eat such bread if already there is no such as it is necessary you can take any here add here you can that but I only think sunflower oil
  • 11:12: unrefined in which is going strong strong smell then it will be good if you you will not think what is the smell strawberries and it seems will interrupt all our the teeth components and will hat although some also said that Ankles out there or kerosene for crucian carp pimple this too is in the end that pecks shoots excellent results show he is sitting I did bread there too bread is potato this and Here's the Vijeshi jijiji popshikal x will understand
  • 11:43: better so friends it's such a fish which is not understandable but a roach I think more here without fanaticism as the saying goes nothing to add here this is quite suitable for fishing carp that this to rossiyu horse in the head climbs for catching roach all friends will finish here tomorrow I'm leaving on fishing so that I will show you that from it came out who wants to see results of fishing keep looking see it through
  • 12:13: a few seconds well who does not want all bye before new meetings subscribe to a channel soon new recipes coming soon new video While for now everything will be we do you good finished call moto we processed theory by right