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  • 00:00: communicating with a child adults without themselves noticing teach him Pope etiquette lessons teach boys to shake hands strong handshake and mothers are introduced to other children to playground specialists They argue that girls and boys quite differently They behave and play show their superiority of how correctly educate future a man and what rules of conduct
  • 00:30: society should he instill in brilliant boys for very often like dig in the dirt and do not snap off the table Steinitz has little preparing dinner in a party They can wipe out hands and your sofa or loudly play music in the aged him they very different interests the different features of both positive and not boys such may meet at least nice smell than girls and can not attach importance to the fact that it has been the third day go to one pair no scope
  • 01:00: so the boys you can begin to teach good etiquette respect for manners surrounding same early childhood talk with prices respect for people around Explain why better not to listen to music too loud when someone close why it is important to rest to invite a team of neighborhood football all your friends are Only the best players and finally why you need to give up his younger brother toy or file
  • 01:30: a girl's hand tell me boy that protect their interests and beliefs necessary but We should not offend peers and ridicule their arguments pores are not necessarily should end real brawl a man should be able to restrain themselves have several important etiquette that follows put up his son for example, you can teach him to reach out for greetings or acquaintance You can be taught to shoot headdress
  • 02:00: indoors He holds the door and when missing either boys or girls and men women miss Girls forward when have somewhere to pass well, certainly not use profanity even if it is done other let the child apply their knowledge etiquette in practice invite your to visit a girlfriend in cinema or in cafe let the boy opportunity feel what it is to care for someone pay independently and feel pleasure from the feeling of complete ownership situation encourage all
  • 02:31: interests and son capacity if he loves football and would you prefer to He learned to play flute try to find such compromise football on Mondays and Wednesdays and games lessons flute in the morning On Saturday it is important to child developed and comprehensively studied behave politely in any company and surroundings talk to your strong on language gestures and how they may be wrong panic for example about what hunched shoulders and hands in his pockets may
  • 03:01: make not good impressions Well tell me that highly raised chin straightened his shoulders can produce impression confidence and remember that small boys grow into teens and then they are and man therefore can first be some small bad habits which do not cause you unpleasant emotions and eventually may shiver in man
  • 03:31: so be persistent and remember that the boy be they do not shows very often listens to what they say parents