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  • 00:00: Hello dear needlewomen today we are with you take a look at the dry felting technique and those materials that we need more all the questions beginners when you select a needle for but now we are you will consider what kinds are there to you could easily
  • 00:30: orient oneself in this diversity and google it whether they are very a lot but all of them are divided into three the species is thick medium and thin thick needles to us will need to be in order to example the basis for our toys and the ages to work with rough wool number 36 is coarse needle is us suitable for just these objectives then we take
  • 01:01: middle needle number 38 a star to me really like it needle because in principle, it can fizzle a toy from the beginning to end some so and do buy one game well one set where 5 pieces and calmly work then you made the base rough needle then with the middle needle was in order to
  • 01:31: to make the final finishing our toys we take a thin needle number 40 or 42 since it is thin admonishes minimal puncture when we do grinding toys for to do smooth top layer we take just it is these needles she goes for thin wool for finishing work here is the principle all moments but there is still
  • 02:01: one kind of needle is reverse the needle is here from me rough needle number 32 reverse for what need back needles sometimes for our animal boiled we need make an effect fuzzy effect fur is not always smooth toys there are exactly here furry when then we take this needle and it comes with resection is
  • 02:33: there is she very smoothly and pulls already for delaying in its crook of lower layers of toys top of the fur pulls the same way she is needed in order to to work in hard-to-reach places or correcting errors when felting, that is this needle in general also need to have so once again
  • 03:04: summarize everything that I said number 36 group number 38 asterisk and thin 40 either 42 and the return needle rough number 32 I will say still such a moment for reverse needle when we roll some toy use inside for in order to save such material as sliver is also wool but it is coarser and it is
  • 03:34: for the basis of toys so that's it if you are using a sliver and if you want to create here this fluffiness then you need make a minimum step and more wrap it around upper surface wool finishing because if you go deep with this needle and pull out on the surface sliver then it will be very ugly some use inside
  • 04:05: toys for example sintepon but here such the same story if you use sintepon or sliver then see that you did not pull out Now, this here is small hairs on surface toys because you are nothing already it does not fix it not pony with a haircut nothing will be very ugly exists still such The needle holder and its
  • 04:35: the holder is very speed up the process boiling but worth Well, it's not cheap so let's say for a beginner maybe not worth it Buy until you understand that you are exactly will deal with this kind of needlework for this you need naturally try it therefore buy the minimum on as for any set in order to try this needle holder
  • 05:05: unwinds insert there needles here they are in this way there he wear or five needles it happens 3 by 2 happens in plastic packages or with wooden handle than can be replaced such a adjustment we take two Needles or 34 as you we need to take common
  • 05:36: such a rubber just unwind these needles in this way and in you get convenient holder some masters work only so and do not use Needle holder and professional so you are completely you can manage here so cheap means if you want to
  • 06:09: pile up small detail and you are afraid elementary pierce one's finger then you will do so the way you take cardboard box cut off from it little piece will fold thus thing is obtained triangular beret your workpiece I'm just now I will take often show like this pinch and and Please go ahead in you do not arise
  • 06:39: no right and you can any edge thin do it very convenient we with you figured out the needles for beginners, I would advised you here such silicone fingertips because that when you start to study this technique
  • 07:09: when there is still no hand quite used to the Motor skills you of course you will well this is very painful process I will say at once and the needle if driving goes deeper accordingly very unpleasant and it hurts so here such fingertips who dress up for our fingers will protect them from damage they are inexpensive
  • 07:39: sold in stores for creativity so you can do it quite calmly buy what else you can say there are professional felting mats this is certainly very convenient brushing process there would be quickly and efficiently but it is very expensive costs and for the beginner I I think that it is not worth it buy because it costs more than 500
  • 08:09: they are two formats such a large and half than her you can replace it can replace ordinary car sponge very convenient cheap and you can in any the moment to change it when do you have this surface so say come in unfitness because naturally with moving the needle she a little crumbling but long enough serves conveniently and when you work very
  • 08:40: it's convenient like this stuck quickly and all here and here already need to be neat she is in the first place falls in the second time is spent a lot or here such here gubochki washing dishes then I'll tell you would like to say how to stick needles in our business here take the mat stick in always under 90
  • 09:10: degrees as entered at this angle a needle and should come out here such a move the most important thing is that you are not inside the product pulled and and in no way you do not need her somehow change the angle because that if the needle breaks in the product she is very fragile I can tell right away that needles are often
  • 09:41: break and you do not should be frightened or thinking there that I do not so something did u them in the first place there is fatigue metal to as usual for all metal subjects in the second the quality of our games leaves much to be desired better so for now start with gamma and then you can imagine buy english Japanese or German needles they
  • 10:11: better more yes yes longer serves to us to fluff the wool we can with you use here such carding pufferheads that is they sold in any shop for animals and you can use they are very good I am mixing the wool
  • 10:42: or do some mixes are very comfortable things you can buy two and that's the way keep them in different sides as well we need to creating toys here such colored workhorses why are colored because that they are in this form only sell with pleasure bought any 1 ton but here it often happens
  • 11:12: that they happen colored ones of themselves represents this hedgehog is a wire twisted and on it such villi glasses are located very convenient thing for the frame of toys firstly because they are all shapes accept and strong enough but soft ones are very convenient to do corr kosik and at the same time they are 6-ku gear over it
  • 11:43: Arsen points to you and will have to be stuck wool some clip convenient for framework for example colors I use Here is such a wire you can find in any in any cable i.e. wire clear and understand from there such a wire use here such a floral
  • 12:14: shelf if honestly me she does not particularly like because even thin on the very hard therefore you can try for the framework and use but not I strongly advise you it is natural come in handy combed tape and kardoches kardoches it very comfortable look wool for dry felting because already woolen a little bit
  • 12:45: confused between themselves because they go in different directions and wool very much quickly i hope this the video was interesting and useful to you now with ease you can choose needle for dry felting and replace some costly tools for cheaper without loss of quality I discovered the products some secrets I I hope you join me in the following master classes I'm you I will wait
  • 13:15: Thank you for attention you all the main try it bye